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From their home dining room and two interns to a thriving agency practice, husband and wife team Touriya and Greg Vaughan are quickly making a name for themselves as THV PR, a new breed of luxury fashion PR firm/showroom, focusing on Dutch and European apparel brands in Los Angeles.

Touriya Vaughan

What makes THV different from other agencies?

Our showroom. Unlike a traditional agency showroom where everything hangs on a rolling rack or around desks, our showroom is like a store, merchandised and changed up every week. Stylists and editors come to explore and know they will always find new things. We do not believe in traditional PR or the traditional client versus pr-agency relationship. We prefer to call our clients ‘partners’ rather than clients.  In the end, we have one same major goal in common: to get the general public/target group highly aware of a brand and its philosophy.

What you have learned since launching THV PR?

You have to think like you are in a surgery room in terms of urgency. When you do PR for a brand, you have to have a sense of urgency in order to not miss opportunities. You also must be able adapt and create new opportunities by thinking out of the box! I have also learned a lot about people, and what to look for when you are hiring. It’s like puzzle pieces that needs to fit together perfectly. Each employee brings different skills to the table.

What makes you and your husband work as business owners? Who does what part of the business?

I am the creative, he is the business making sure that everything runs smoothly. I like to say we are the Ying and the Yang!

What were the most successful strategies you implemented to grow THV PR?

We made it a priority to create a team that challenges and inspires one another. We encourage proactive efforts over a ‘sit-down-and-hand-out’ system. Although our showroom is visited daily by stylists, fashion directors, editors and celebrities, we make sure to stay creative and ahead of the trends, in order to give them plenty of reasons to visit us as frequently as possible.

What does the ideal THV PR client look like?

Unique, innovative, and always open to change and growth.

What is your approach when it comes to new clients? Where do you start?

Depending how established they are, for very new brands, we try to create a lifestyle around the brand so that the consumer, stylists editors, and celebrities feel the brand and connect with it. We also push for an immediate buzz and strong brand foundation, through multiple PR channels and attach the brand to celebrities and outlets that are the best fit, and will continuously promote it, because they love it.

What are some of your current projects?

We are working on bringing a lot of art and fashion clients together to create interesting collaborations. Our focus at the moment is the digital and social media sphere so that our “partners” reach the right audience and are as interactive as possible with their fans.

In addition to media coverage, what are other PR opportunities fashion brands should make use of?

Celebrity placement.  Best done organically, this allows brands to create celebrity brand ambassadors that are authentically passionate about the brand. Collaborating with charities and aligning with complementing brands is also pivotal to a brands long-term success.

How have you seen fashion PR change since you began in the industry?

I feel that coming from Europe, fashion PR is a bit more passive in Los Angeles. It doesn’t have the same fresh, young vibe that really gives life to brands. Most of the showrooms are very traditional, which is why I want to bring my Dutch/European dynamic energy to LA.

What are your three PR/work must-haves?

My laptop, my blackbook and my iPhone with all of my fashion apps on it!

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