Global PR Survey Findings Reveal Biggest Pain Points


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PR Software Prezly recently conducted a global survey among practitioners, yielding insight from more than 400 professionals around the world. Full results will be announced during the April 30 episode of Prezly’s PR Roundtable series, a show that brings together PR experts from all walks of life to share their experience and learn together, but we have a sneak peek at a two interesting findings.

Quality media relationships are everything

First, the challenge of nurturing a positive, ongoing relationship with journalists is significant, with respondents sharing that they have a “good relationship” with only 11% of their contacts, despite wide agreement (92%) that strong relationships yield the best results.

If you’re thinking that “good relationship” sounds a bit subjective, 48% define a “good relationship” with a media contact as “They reach out to you for stories and updates”; 30% say if you have a good relationship with a contact, “they reply to your campaigns whether they’re interested in your story or not”; and 10% say “you receive their personal contact details”

Keeping media contact info up-to-date is a serious pain point

Not surprisingly, a huge pain point for the majority of PR professionals surveyed (61%)  is keeping media databases current, with most (55%) relying on self-constructed spreadsheets to organize their contact lists. Practitioners estimate more than 5 hours a week spent on this data management. Conversely, those who use a CRM are only spending a little under 3 hours a week on this research task.

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When it comes to finding updated contact information, most pros aren’t spending a ton of time combing through social media, though Linkedin is the leading platform to find new contacts.

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Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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