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When we think of the world of PR, the ladies tend to claim it as their own. Well, Landon Miller and Daniel K. have embraced the movement, and even work with a company that has girl power written all over it – Small Girls PR, that is. We wanted to find out what it was like for these #PRguys working in the industry. Read on for their PR tips, the advantages of being a male in the industry, and how Daniel met his girlfriend through work.

Tell us your name and what company you work with

L: Landon (McGregor) Miller and I work on the digital strategy team at Small Girls PR!

D:Daniel K., Small Girls PR

What’s it like being in an office full of women?

L: I love it! I’ve been working in fashion PR for about 5 years, and my last agency job was pretty much all women as well, so I’d say I’m pretty accustomed to it.

D: Pretty great!

Do you get special or different treatment? How so?

L: Definitely! I’m the go-to for reaching the top shelf and taking group selfies 🙂

D: Kind of, but that might have more to do with me being not-great at being alive than with my gender. Then again, my gender might have something to do w/ my deficiencies as a human, so who knows!

What advantages are there working as a guy in Fashion PR?

L: I think that I get to have a different angle from the ladies in the office. It’s definitely a plus to not have hypothesized all men’s topics in a room full of women; they get a dude’s perspective in the flesh. Another advantage is being instantly recognized on client calls.

D: Well, one time we were doing PR for the US Army’s new clothing line. They sent us a couple jackets, and I got to have one of the jackets. This might not sound like a huge advantage, but keep in mind, I had spent the previous winter without any kind of jacket at all. So this was pretty big for me, you know? Suddenly, pretty much out of nowhere, I was a guy with a jacket. And not just any jacket: This was a warm, comfortable jacket. Winter was never so pleasant.

Do you automatically get placed on menswear projects?

L: I typically do! But I love men’s fashion and it’s nice hanging with the guys for great men’s clients.

D: Not necessarily! In fact, seems I mostly work on women-targeted products.

Please share any interesting stories you’ve had working as a guy in Fashion PR or just in the industry in general.

L: It’s interesting doing social media for brands across multiple channels. In the past, I’ve run menswear, womenswear and lifestyle accounts, all while tweeting and Facebooking it up for a women’s hair straightening brand. Coming up with content for a product you don’t actually use is an excellent exercise for your creativity.

D: Ha, well I met my current girlfriend via sending her a PR e-mail; arranged a meeting between her & and a client and then shortly afterwards we started dating.

Coming up with content for a product you don’t actually use is an excellent exercise for your creativity.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with aspiring PR guys out there?

L: Have fun with it! I think a lot of hiring managers are excited when they see a guy’s name come up in the candidate pool (it’s more infrequent than one would think). Take advantage of that and come prepared so you can nail that job interview!

D: No! You’re on your own, aspiring PR guy.

Thanks, Landon and Daniel!

Danika Daly

Danika Daly

Danika Daly is the founder of Danika Daly PR, a boutique PR firm in New York City specializing in contemporary fashion and beauty brands. Danika does everything in a bright, bold fashion, with creative flair and no trace of the ordinary. Danika coaches many brands and aspiring publicists, and has a love for sharing knowledge. She has done so as a writer for various sites such as PR Couture, Fashion Indie, and The Fabulous Report.