7 Tips for Publicists to Find Balance During Holiday Overload


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Fashion PR is both exhilarating and exhausting. This is especially true during the holiday season when inboxes are overflowing and calendars are full of commitments. In order to keep your sanity it’s essential to maintain a healthy balance between work and play. While a spa day may be out of the question during this crazy time of year finding peaceful moments is simply a matter of proper planning. If you’re a chronic multi-tasker you’ll appreciate these easy tips to alleviate stress and thrive under pressure.

Start your day 15 minutes earlier

Make time for a morning ritual like a relaxing cup of tea or a morning meditation. Mornings have become my favorite time to enjoy a cup of coffee while catching up on fashion news from Women’s Wear Daily without being disturbed. It’s the only time during my day that I’m not running around like a crazy person and I savor every moment.

Schedule a mini spa service that doubles as a work meeting

I took advantage of this multi-tasking strategy last week at Julep in Seattle and it was pure bliss! A basic mani + pedi allows for enough time to get perfectly groomed for holiday parties while also catching up with colleagues.

Take advantage of the winter weather and layer strategically

If you’re wearing a maxi dress or something that’s non-form fitting put on yoga gear underneath to make for easy transition from the workday to a relaxing after-office work out. This tip will keep you warm all day and give you zero excuses to skip your evening yoga session.

Capture ideas when you’re up in the air

Research shows that savvy business owners get some of their best business ideas while flying, so don’t forget to pack your notebook on your next flight and jot down ideas as they come, 30,000 feet in the air.

Maximize a work-related holiday party

You’ll already be dressed up and out on the town, so why not make the most of it by scheduling happy hour with friends beforehand, or stay out for a night cap afterward? For busy PR girls, this tip can make the difference between seeing friends and family during the craziness of the holiday season and not seeing them until the New Year.

Pre-schedule downtime for January

Give yourself something to look forward to after the craziness of the holiday season is over. Sometimes just the simple act of looking forward to a relaxing experience, like a spa treatment or weekend getaway can help calm you down when you feel like you’re losing it.

Schedule non-negotiable time with friends

I’ve been known to schedule staycations with my girlfriends just so that we can get face time when things get crazy. I actually use this strategy year-round but it’s especially helpful during the holiday season when everyone’s calendars are in black-out mode. Once we calendar the date and book the hotel we all know this is one commitment we all have to keep. And besides, who doesn’t love girls night!

Don’t fake a sick day in order to find some solace during the holiday season. Incorporate a few of these creative tips and reclaim your zen.

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