3 Ways PR Pros and Event Planners Can Work Together

PR professionals and event planners have complementary, though different roles. When both parties come together to collaborate and to clarify roles and responsibilities, results can be bolstered and the whole endeavor can run more smoothly.  Here are three ways conversations publicists and event managers should have to ensure a successful event with a high return.

1. Agree on a media-worthy event theme

One big challenge with events is standing out from the multitude of other events happening on the same day (not to mention the allure of couch + Netflix after a busy day). Both the PR team and event team can work together to develop an event concept that offers something unique. Discuss what will make this event different and what the big allure for a media outlet or influencer is going to be.  A nonprofit beneficiary partner, celebrity, a high-profile guest or speaker, giveaway or a select media sponsor can all aid in earning great coverage from media and party press. Once you’ve participated in the brainstorm and agreed on a general theme and some key elements, let the event team parse out the specific details.  Meet again to ensure all the components for the big day are elements sure to stand out as coverage opportunities for press.

2. Review the Event PR plan

With the event theme in hand, it’s time to develop a tactical event roadmap. When it comes to events, PR reps often have a primary goal of selling tickets or ensuring RSVPs, rather than simply building awareness for the event. The PR team should take the lead on a plan that includes pre and post event efforts (outreach can begin as soon as a venue and date are confirmed). When building out various strategies (media alerts, event calendars, invitations, etc), be sure to highlight the media-friendly event elements the events team is putting together.

3. Collaborate on pre-event social media content

While live event coverage across social media is crucial (if a hot celeb comes walking into your gift suite unannounced, you’ll want to have Snapchat ready), there is a ton of social content that can be developed and scheduled beforehand. Social media preparedness allows the PR team to be fully present on event day to deal with in-person guests, without having to make sure that last-minute Tweets are going out, sponsors have been properly tagged on Instagram, etc. As the events team starts to confirm details, start drafting 140-character and longer-form social media posts for the pre-event social-promotional pipeline. And remember that everyone loves a good behind-the-scenes look at an incredible event so include the event team’s presence and ideas in your social brainstorms and actual content development.

By ensuring key meetings and a collaborative energy exists among both the PR and the Events team, both entities can leverage their expertise to ensure a flawless event experience; the PR team draws in the attendees and media interest, and the events team ensures that once they’ve crossed the velvet rope and unforgettable experience awaits.

Bridget Forney

Bridget Forney

Bridget is a public relations specialist and digital media strategist based in Baltimore, MD. Her compelling PR and digital work on behalf of brands like PANDORA Jewelry, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Baltimore magazine, The National Aquarium, the United States Army Chief of Public Affairs and others earned her recognition from the Public Relations Society of America as New Professional of the Year in 2010, as well as The Daily Record as one of Maryland's Top 20 in Their Twenties last year. Follow Bridget on Twitter or Instagram @BridgetForney.