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The Daily Truffle is a Los-Angeles based digital site featuring fashion events, parties and industry notables in Los Angeles. The site also covers industry  notables,  fashion week and new shopping sites.  Caroline Roman is the founder.

How do you prefer to be pitched?

Email. We have several people who help with fashion so please use where it will get passed on to the right person depending on the pitch.

How far in advance do you work?

We want to know everything you know, the second you know it. For a site like The Daily Truffle, advanced intel is a major theme so there is no time like the present. We do a lot of knowledge drops on the site and people rely on us for that; it’s a great place to seed information.

What is the best time to reach out to you?

 Anytime is a good time; we answer emails from the bath, parties, bed, even on dates. Sorry boys.

What types stories/pitches do you want to receive?

We have made a name for ourselves covering the scene in Los Angeles; therefore we primarily cover the fashion scene in Los Angeles. That means any kind of chic and social gathering in LA (NYFW, PFW, Art Basel, SxSW, Coachella and Sundance ok too).
In general:
  • We like anything extremely cool, fresh, unique or ultra pricey.
  • We feature lines or retail sites when the people behind it are interesting and there is substance.
  • We do fashion editorial occasionally, like what to wear on Oscar night, or to Sundance, or for New Year’s Eve.
  • We have a calendar where we provide a guest login so fashion PRs can list their sales, store openings and so forth.
  • We do a ton of give-aways. Anything substantial, VIP, cute, cool or new can work.

What makes a great pitch?

Someone who takes the time to read and understand our site before they hit send. Most of the fashion PRs we deal with know the site very well and read it every morning so they really know what we want. We love that.

If you are interested in a particular fashion brand for coverage, what information/materials/collateral do you need to move forward?

Images under 200Kb are always helpful; we are not print so we have to have to re-size anything high res photo and it takes forever. If there is ever a hook to an element of Los Angeles society within the pitch, it’s great if the PR comes out and says it. Our readers like that.

What is the best way for a fashion publicist to build a relationship with you?

We’re pretty easy; it’s either a great fit or it’s not. It’s either “Truffle-y” or it’s just another brand or skirt or ring or party. That said, we love meeting new people and really encourage anyone who likes the site to say hello.

What is a guarantee that a publicist will never hear back from you?

If you don’t hear back it’s simply because it wasn’t a fit. Sometimes we miss emails and a follow up is helpful. There’s really no way to burn a bridge with us. It’s all about the content.

What do you wish more fashion publicists understood about The Daily Truffle?

1. Everyone at the DT has worked in fashion, so we know the pressure involved and therefore we like when a fashion PR tells us if there is a problem. We are very open to feedback and would rather correct something than loose an alliance.
2. The DT is not for the masses; it’s geared towards a small set of Angelenos with a lot of discretion and influence (and often a lot of money). This doesn’t mean our readers don’t like simple or affordable things but they definitely don’t want to hear about anything boring or ordinary or a bad value.
3. We love behind-the-scenes stuff. Anything that most websites might see as too insider-y is what we are all about.


Featured image of Armie Hammer & wife Elizabeth Chambers, from Santa Barbara Magazine, styled by George Kotsiopoulos, republished in The Daily Truffle.

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