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Kaneo Biggs is a photographer, graphic designer, and night-owl, as well as Editor-in-Chief of Elléments Magazine. A digital magazine that showcases young, talented fashion photographers from all over the world, as well as high-end fashion and beauty, the publication is  great place to showcase an impactful photo shoot with a fresh-faced young ingenue, or promote a recent brand collaboration or event. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach out to Kaneo about any clients who may be a fit for Elléments bold, conceptual aesthetic.

Name: Kaneo Biggs
Publication: Elléments Magazine
Circulation: Monthly/Worldwide
Title: Owner/Editor-in-Chief
How do you prefer to receive pitches? Email, Twitter: @KaneoDesigns

How far in advance do you work?

Normally my ideal time would be 4 – 6 weeks. There are other instances where I receive pitches days or a week before publication; in that case if the pitch is really interesting and relevant, the content is ready then I would run with it. On the other hand, I am constantly looking out for new and exciting brands and creative, which could be months before issues I’d love to feature them in.

What is the best time to send pitches?

Ok, I know my clock is the opposite from everyone else; the best time to catch me is from the evening into the late night/ early morning. Between 5:00pm into 3:00am. I am always up working at nights, that’s my best time, when it’s quiet and peaceful. During the day I receive a lot of phone calls, have appointments and other projects, so my mind isn’t clear and focus at that time to deal with other stuff than what I am focusing on.

What types stories/pitches are you looking for?

Exclusives are always preferred. I focus a lot on fashion & beauty stories from established photographers, stylists & makeup artists, but cosmetics & clothing brands are now also strong focuses; brand collaborations, product placements. We also cover new f aces from modeling agencies, fashion shows & exclusive Events.

How to Pitch Ellements Magazine

What makes a great pitch?

A great pitch is concise, includes the basic information I would need and links or attachment of images along with well-crafted press release. The pitch doesn’t need a story or history that will require a lot of reading. Short and attractive is perfect.

If you are interest, what do you need to move forward?

The most important thing I look for is a professionally done website which is easy to navigate and includes a direct contact.  There are times you can never get in contact with someone from the brand which is rather annoying sometimes. The information present should be up to date about the brand, high quality look books & stockists. I also welcome samples when available.

What is the best way to build a relationship with you?

The best way is to first know a little about the magazine, and be a good reader. I like people who are friendly, up-to-date with the fashion & beauty trends, understand the publication.

Most of all, understand that there is a human on the other end, not a machine; appreciation and respect is key.

What is a guarantee to never hear back from you?


What do you wish more fashion brands/publicists understood about Elléments?

The magazine is quickly being recognized worldwide and is a resource for both established and new creative. Ellements is created for fashion brands, publicists, photographers, cosmetics Brands, and other creatives industries. Ellements isn’t about Ellements it’s about ‘You’.

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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