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A monthly digital magazine and annual print issue, Linger Magazine covers runway events, boutique openings, product launches, expert columnists, feature articles, beauty info, fashion event listings, industry profiles, as well as trends, shopping, and international culture. Divided into three editorial sections, the Boston-based publication’s team of seven plus contributors is a mix o fashion experts, stylists, professional models, and fashion journalists.

Name:Tiffany Tate
Title: Founder/Editor in chief
Publication:Linger Magazine
How do you prefer to receive pitches: Email

How far in advance do you work?

We work 6-8 weeks in advance. Being a monthly this provides our team with enough wiggle room if we receive an advertisement request, or if a pictorial gets pulled.

What is the best time fashion brand/publicists to reach out to you?

We go through emails each morning, so earlier in the day is best.

What type of pitches do you want to receive?

We are very versatile with a unique view on fashion and beauty. We love the edgier, avant garde stuff. I would love to receive more stories on men’s style, eco-friendly beauty products and edgy accessories.

 I would love to receive more pitches of those who are blazing trails in the fashion, hair, makeup and luxury industries.

What makes a great pitch?

A great pitch is direct, clean and informative. If the pitch is coming directly from a publicist/agency, I expect you to be able to “show off” your client within 4-5 sentences.

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If you are interested, what information do you need to move forward?

Images with full credits. Be sure to send samples of products with high res logo and direct weblink. Marketing materials, and any videos would be great also.

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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