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In August, we’re featuring interviews with the editors of some of our favorite digital fashion magazines. Enjoy!

London-based fashion magazine Magpie Darling started in 2011 and has what might be the most gorgeous covers of any digital mag out there (they are currently on Issue 58 and it was very hard not to want to include all 58 covers in this post). Founder and Editor-in-Chief Amanda Greenwood is looking for 6-10 page editorials, so this is the place to get extra traction for those look book images, to show off great photography and impeccable styling. It is not, however, your go-to for product pitches.

Name: Amanda Greenwood
Publication: Magpie Darling
Circulation: Print, IPAD and online
Title: Editor in chief
How do you prefer to receive pitches (email/phone): Always email

How far in advance do you work?

We don’t run on issue deadlines. We place and layout editorial stories as they are accepted, so during high volume times like the summer, issues can fill up quite far in advance.

What is the best time for a fashion brand/publicist to reach out to you?

Anytime. Due to high volume of emails, it can sometimes take a week or two for us to catch up, so please be patient with us!

How to Pitch Magpie Darling

What types pitches do you want to receive?

We are an image -based magazine, so your pitch must be based on a fashion or beauty shoot. We like it when people submitting stories have a sense of who we are as a publication, and what we have published in the past. There is no point submitting stories that do not match our aesthetic.

What makes a great pitch?

First impressions count, so please submit as our guidelines request. If we have to download images they normally get pushed to the back of the line. Also we don’t need a whole long pitch, just show us your images. If we love them, we print them.

If you are interested, what information/materials/collateral do you need to move forward?

After your story is accepted, all we need is your high res images, fashion credits and team credits. Once your issue has be completed, we send over a high res PDF for you and a release date for the issue.

What is the best way to build a relationship with you?

Keep submitting! We know our regulars and look forward to seeing their next stories. As we are a submission magazine and only accept completed stories rather than commissioning them. Fashion brands can connect with photographers and stylists to allow them to use your products in their stories for credit or you can submit your marketing shots if there is a strong story theme to them.

What is a guarantee to will never hear back from you?

We do try to answer everyone.

What do you wish more fashion brands/publicists understood about Magpie Darling?

Magpie Daring began as a means to give voice (and a place to be published) for people who may not have the editorial connections to get commissioned for publication. It doesn’t matter to us how old you are, your previous shoots or who your clients are. If we love your images we will publish them.

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