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For fashion publicists who specialize in wow-worthy children’s clothing, you can do no better than Mini Magazine, a quarterly digital lifestyle publication. My favorite features go behind the scenes with industry powerhouses (and moms!) like Cynthia Rowley,  Kelly Wearstler and even Ms. Cutrone herself. And take note, Founder and EIC Kaitlyn Kirby just launched Tulle, a new digital title for weddings.

Name: Kaitlyn Kirby
Title: Founder and Editor in Chief
Publication: Mini Magazine
Circulation: Over 100K web hits per issue
How do you prefer to receive pitches: Email is best.

How far in advance do you work?

We publish quarterly and work about a month to 1 1/2 months in advance.

What is the best time fashion brand/publicists to reach out to you?

Any time! For spring issues, we begin considering editorial in January and for summer issues, in April. For fall, in June and for holiday, in late August/early September.

What type of pitches do you want to receive?

We’re always looking for lifestyle and style-centered brands, both children’s and maternity companies, on both ends of the pricing spectrum. Think high to low, Tiffany & Co. to Target. We’re also including more women’s fashion and beauty pieces and brands with each issue, so pitches related to those two categories are welcomed now as well. PS. Mini Media is also launching a weddings publication— Tulle Magazine— later this fall!

How to Pitch Mini Magazine

What makes a great pitch?

One that spells my name correctly! You wouldn’t believe how many emails I get addressed to Karen, Kathy, Kathryn. When you get my name right, I know you’ve put the time into researching our brand, what we’re looking for, and who exactly you’re pitching. Also, keep it concise. I don’t always have time to read a lengthy email or release on a new company. If you can include details on why your client might be a great fit for Mini, that’s a great pitch.

If you are interested, what information do you need to move forward?

When we decide to include a brand, we’ll need background information as well as details on the new products that will be debuting around the time/season of our launch. Hi-res images are great to include (we often like to see them in the original pitch), samples if it’s something we might want to review, and the availability to send editorial samples for shoots are always great too.

What is the best way to build a relationship with you?

If you manage to pitch brands and products that are consistently on target with the Mini aesthetic each season, we’ll be friends forever. OK, not forever, but at least until the next issue!

What is a guarantee to never hear back from you?

You guessed it— if you get my name wrong. You’re also likely to not hear back if you’re pitching products or brands that have nothing to do with our brand and what we cover.

What do you wish more brands/publicists understood about Mini Magazine?

We are not a parenting advice-based magazine. There are plenty of other parenting publications in the industry that do that. The way those pubs are passionate about solutions for children who stick peas up their noses, is how we are about Stella McCartney and Bonpoint children’s ensembles. See the difference? Don’t pitch us parenting advice. Especially if your client is a cast member on Teen Mom. Yes, that actually happened.

Photo: Mini Magazine Summer. Portia, 5. Daughter of Kyle Richards.

Crosby Noricks

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