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You are likely quite familiar with the name Erin Loechner, though you might not yet recognize her as Executive Editor of the new lifestyle destination, Clementine Daily, a site that “celebrates”the beauty of today’s multi-faceted, modern woman.” Through Design For Mankind and Design For Minikind, Erin has established herself as both a design and blogging thoroughbred (a metaphor employed only because well, it’s fitting and also, ponies). A cozier, more thoughtful companion to other sites in this niche (a bit more Kinfolk than Glitter Guide), early numbers indicate a warm reader welcome sure to grow, and a bevy of bright story opportunities across fashion, home, trends, wellness and food.

To get a sense of the site’s direction, take a look at the manifesto:

Name: Erin Loechner
Title: Executive Editor
Circulation: 200,000+
Email: erin[at]

How do you prefer to receive pitches?

Absolutely email! Submissions via contact form are best:

How far in advance do you work?

Internally, our editorial team assigns content 1-2 months in advance. However, we’re always open and flexible to last minute, timely submissions. Such is the beauty of web-based publishing!

What is the best time to reach out to you?

Friday afternoons, surprisingly. Our inboxes are much more manageable without a ton of inquiries coming in, so you’re more likely to get a quick response by Monday morning!

Clementine Daily PR Tips

What types of pitches do you want to receive?

We have a wide range of columns and topics, so any pitches geared toward everyday living for modern women are always acceptable. We do, however, steer clear of luxury goods, celebrity features and/or controversial topics. Our manifesto might provide more insight as to the mission behind the site!

What makes a great pitch?

A personal email with a quick note about what makes their story/product/idea special is always a great pitch. I always prefer a short-and-sweet, kind, authentic email above a mass press release!

If you are interested, what do you need to move forward?

It depends on the campaign/feature, but web presence and beautiful imagery are always basic essentials.

What is the best way to build a relationship with you and your writers?

Examples are great here: Any publicist that is familiar with my work or the work of my editors always makes me smile. We’re all heavily involved with various content creation and curation online, so we’re not hard to find! A bit of research goes a long way! (Hint: I once loved a publicist so much for her kind, authentic and honest email that I hired her a few months later for myself! She’s now our Associate Editor.)

What is a guarantee to never hear back from you?

Any mention of luxury or celebrity is a 99% guarantee that a particular product won’t be featured, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a publicist won’t get a response. We’re always open to brainstorming creative collaborations!

What do you wish more publicists & brands understood about Clementine Daily?

We’re a tough cookie to crack, actually. We walk a fine line between inspiration and aspiration, balancing the celebration of the everyday with the belief that we should lower our expectations and start sharing a bit of real, authentic living in lieu of the air-brushed smiles we’re seeing online. We want to be optimistic but realistic in admitting that, sometimes, the every day doesn’t look so beautiful. (And that’s more than OK!)

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Crosby Noricks

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