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Whether you’re running your own firm, a seasoned media relations pro, freelance publicist or student, we’ve found the perfect tool to help catch those embarrassing spelling and grammar errors that pop up when you’re moving a million miles a minute (we’re using it to put together this very blog post).

At PR Couture, our entire team is a huge fan of Grammarly, an easy grammar plugin for your web browser that instantly finds and corrects more than 250 types of writing mistakes. Grammarly corrects everything from repetitive words to grammar and spelling, making it an essential tool for communication pros. After all, everything we write, from email pitches to sponsor requests and client updates must be flawless.

3 big benefits of using Grammarly for Communications Pros

  • For content marketing, the genre-specific writing style checks are great for niche clients
  • For students and CEOs, the plagiarism detection is boss
  • For media relations pros, the option to find synonyms, identify overuse of the passive voice, and sentencesending with prepositions (all common “bad writer” markers) are particularly useful

The free version allows you to upload your work for review where you can then easily make edits on your grammar, spelling, and other simple mistakes (duplicate words, for example). It will also highlight your writing inside your inbox, WordPress, google docs etc, so you can easily catch any issues before pressing send, publish or share. The premium version really kicks things up a notch, and we believe it’s a critical tool, installed in every computer in the office.

Since we’ve started to use the tool life without Grammarly is unthinkable, which is why we’ve signed up as affiliates and couldn’t wait to share this not-so-secret weapon with you. Not only will this tool capture errors, over time it helps you to identify your own bad habits and improve your writing form the get-to. So go ahead and give Grammarly a shot and enjoy the benefits and confidence boost of knowing your writing is improving.

Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts

This PRISM girl turned PR Couture intern got her start in the PR world as most do, blogging! After graduation from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in marketing, the path she chose was the path to being a #PRGirl. Keep up with her as she travels, blogs, and goes behind the scenes at PR Couture.