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Edelweiss by Sarah, Fall 2011
Edelweiss by Sarah, Fall 2011

Independent fashion designer Sarah Brasher at Edelweiss at FadMashion

A true independent designer, Sarah Brasher combined her understanding of craftsmanship and tailoring from greats like Vena Cava, Elise Overland, and Maggie Norris Couture with her love of old movies and 1940’s silhouettes into Edelweiss by Sarah, the brand she launched in 2008.  Since then, she has nurtured Edelweiss through seven seasons, including all fashion PR efforts, resulting in initial press from Daily Candy, and a recent piece in Refinery29. Sarah also connects with customers through Facebook, Twitter and a blog.

Recently, she released a 2011 video  lookbook featuring models clad in delightful dresses dancing awkwardly (but adorably!) to some Taio Cruz. As the label continues to evolve, Sarah is looking to design new collections and build a true lifestyle brand.

Sarah posed the following question to PR Couture, and we called upon Polina Raygorodskaya of Polina Fashion to offer up her thoughts:

When are the best opportunities to contact a fashion editor?  What is the best way to invite them to events?

Fashion Editors are extremely busy people and they, like everyone else, hate their time wasted. Before you pitch to an editor ask yourself: is this “news worthy”? If I read about this in a magazine, as a regular reader, would I be interested in what is being said? If the answer is no, wait until you have something newsworthy to say. Events, new product launches, new developments or partnerships, all could be news worthy. When creating an event for your brand it is important to stand out and develop a theme with the event that will associate the brand with its brand personality and remain in the minds of the editors. For instance eco-friendly companies can partner with yoga studios, organic restaurants, organic beverages, etc to make the event more interesting and more appealing for editors to cover. As far as inviting editors to these events; send an evite then follow-up with a phone call to make sure they received it. An evite is just as effective as sending a personal invitation but the benefit of skipping the traditional route is you save yourself extra postage fees and the environment at the same time.

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