Why Online Video Should be a Part of Your Fashion Marketing Strategy


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In today’s evolving PR and marketing world, leveraging social media and pitching online media is an important part of any integrated promotional plan. As tools evolve and brands rush to innovate in the online space, video content syndication provides another form of media that can help fashion brands stand out. While many shoppers are happy to shop online, clicking that “show-all” button and consuming as many clothing icons in a glance as possible, there are customers who are interested in learning more about a particular designer or product. For these target customers, video can create a more intimate experience, increasing overall engagement and leading to higher conversion rates.

Shopflick, an indie shopping marketplace, has placed video at the center of their promotional strategy as a key differentiator from the competition. The site also features a newsletter, blog, sample sales, forums and trend lookbooks.

The videos are smart, enjoyable and well-produced, a bit reminiscent of those early House of Style segments I salivated over and VCR recorded back in middle school! The clean, fast-paced yet informational content is owed in part to the in-house video production team, led by CEO, David Grant, former President of Fox TV Studios. Shopflick designers have the opportunity to work with a network of videographers across the country  to develop affordable yet high quality video content. Through Shopflick TV, the site showcases their designers, headed by a team of fashion and lifestyle experts. “It’s difficult these days for a designer to build a brand and stand out in a sea of designers,” explains Marketing Director, Patrick Yee. “Video is an extremely powerful tool in building the designer’s brand, providing backstory and context, as well as demonstrating how pieces fall, flow and move. Video provides deeper context and heightens detail in a way that images alone cannot.


Shows on Shopflick

The Hall of Style is written and hosted by Shopflick Editorial Director Davida Hall, who’s infectious enthusiasm and friendly manner makes you forgive her more, model-like qualities. Merchandising Director Courtney Lowe showcases clothing, jewelry and home goods for under $40 in Stylish and Smart. Trends and Truths, explores all-important issues, like when fishnet tights are appropriate outside the goth club, while ReThink follows designers, like Celebrity LA-based clothing designer Raquel Allegra, who recycling clothing to fashion new looks. Going beyond fashion, Shopflick features Kitchen Couture with gourmet food buyer Rachael Sheridan,  featuring easy cooking tips even the busiest of style mavens could employ. In addition, many sellers feature a video “meet the designer” component, must-watches for those of us interested in the stories and faces behind our clothes.

Tips for Successful Online Fashion Videos

Marketing Director Patrick Yee explains a bit more about how video works on Shopflick, providing tips for fashion designers and agencies looking to infuse their promotional strategy with a bit of video. For a ton more tips, visit the Making Your Own Video FAQ.

PR: How are the items chosen for the Hall of Style? Is it a purely editorial process or are the designers pitching you for inclusion?

PY: While we are constantly pitched products from designers for Hall of Style and other shows, our process is purely editorial. We will only include designers and trends that fit Shopflick’s unique, current, and directional fashion point of view.

PR: If a fashion publicist is trying to encourage a client to make a series of videos, what advice would you have in terms of both positioning to the client and getting started?

PY: We look for qualifiers like ingenuity, creativity, design aesthetic and price point. I’d encourage [my] clients to be competitive on all of these fronts. If the client is an emerging designer, sign up on Shopflick and if approved by our Editorial Director, we’ll help your client get set-up with a filmmaker in your local market.

PR: Any suggestions for coming off “natural” on video?

PY: [As an example], Davida Hall is not a professional actress or host or TV personality – she comes off feeling natural simply because she is a real, everyday person, a fashion expert and someone who is accessible to our young, fashion-addicted demographic. So the best advice is to start off picking the right person: a real person with credibility, idiosyncrasy… and a little humor doesn’t hurt either.

PR: What are a few tips for making your video stand out?

PY: Casting is just one element of a great video. Fun, quirky graphics and visuals distinguish and trademark your videos from the glut of overly serious “infotainment” out there. Music, color story, and pare all important factors that contribute stylistically. Above all, have a clear and concise script – less is more when it comes to writing video content.

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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