Template: Influencer Outreach Kit

Ready to start working with influencers but worried about what to say and how to protect your brand?
Consider it handled.

Scoop up our Influencer Outreach Bundle

Steal our words (+ a sample contract) for influencer collaboration results you'll absolutely love.

Influencer partnerships are a core part of any smart PR/marketing program. Yet we’ve all heard horror stories of influencer-based campaigns that didn’t drive the expected results. With out templates in hand, you’ll set up your influencer outreach with clear expectations, and steps in hand to ensure a successful engagement.

Your Influencer Outreach Bundle Includes:

The following 5 email scripts/templates:

  • Let's work together: A general invitation to use to begin a new relationship with an Influencer
  • Great, let's get started: Once an influencer is on board, detail out the specifics of the collaboration and next steps
  • Event Attendance: This script makes it easy to get influencer RSVPs for your brand event
  • Checking in: A polite follow-up/nudge nudge for outstanding deliverables or pending work
  • Update request: A post-engagement thank you with room to make any requested tweaks or changes

Plus the following campaign elements:

  • Sample Influencer Agreement/Contract: Get it in writing and get it signed. This contract will give you a sense of what you need to include in your influencer marketing partnerships
  • Checklist for a Project or Creative Brief Take a page out of the ad agency playbook and outlining your campaign with a brief

As well as a resource boost:

  • 3 of our most popular articles on Influencer Marketing: “Improve Influencer ROI,” “Influencer Collaborations on a Tiny Budget,” and “Get more ROI from Influencer Content.” (written by the experts over at Shopping Links)

Simply copy, paste and personalize!