Influencers Share Tips to Improve Your Pitches During Fashion Week


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Written by Rebecca Dersh, PR Manager at Cision

It’s official – New York Fashion Week has arrived! In anticipation of this, Cision – a global leader in earned media software and services – interviewed journalists & influencers in the fashion space to get advice on how to successfully pitch them. These conversations culminated in Cision’s Fashion Pitching Kit, just in time for Fashion Week.

Here are seven takeaways from style experts to ensure your pitches end in placements:

1. Your email subject line is the most important content

Fashion Week is an especially busy time, so be sure your subject line will really grab someone’s attention. This can make or break whether or not your email even gets opened, and unfortunately, it’s a detail that’s often not prioritized enough when drafting a pitch. And don’t forget – if you’re offering an exclusive, be sure to include that in the subject line as well.

2. Don’t send a cold, generic pitch 

Show that you truly took the time to craft a message specifically for that person. It’s those personal details that matter and can help establish long-term relationships. 

“A warm and personalized approach will help to build a professional relationship and will increase the probability of getting coverage.” – Angelica Guillen, Stylehopping 

3. Include photo or video assets

Photos and videos are valuable for so many reasons, but they’ll really help bring your pitch and story to life. It’ll also make the reporter’s job easier if you’re proactive and include visual assets in your initial correspondence. 

4.  Familiarize yourself with the person you’re pitching

While plenty of people will be traveling to New York for Fashion Week, look to social media for clues on whether or not they’re in town.

Know who you are pitching to, their name and where the person is based.” A PR pet peeve? “Getting invited to events in a city I don’t live in.” – Kimberly Fisher, Jetsetera

5. Describe the best features

While this may seem obvious, it’s a good reminder to stay focused on the most important details. Again, make the reporter’s job easier and pinpoint the unique features that’ll generate the most interest.

6. Email pitching is more than preferred 

After our interviews, it was apparent – email is the most preferred form of communication. While preferences naturally vary, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and get confirmation from your media contact about how they’d like to best be reached.

A PR pet peeve? “Personally, texting. I reserve that form of communication for people close to me.” – Maggie Mulhern, Modern Salon Media 

7. If the opportunity’s right, send samples!

While samples aren’t always an option, it’s important to be strategic about sending them when they are. Gauge interest and ensure the opportunity makes sense for your brand so that you ultimately reach the right audiences.

“Feel confident in the product that you are pitching. If you can, send samples. Often it is difficult to share a new product with our readers without testing it prior. Our readers’ trust is important.” – Dylan Rubinstein, Prune Magazine

For more tips on pitching and upcoming fashion trends, download Cision’s Fashion Pitching Kit here