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About Cameo PR

Cameo PR is a boutique public relations agency specializing in emerging accessories designers and brands. Based in New York City, the agency was started by Malorie Kaye in 2008. The agency’s cozy yet decidedly glamorous space was recently photographed by Nichole Loiacono of Parlour Home and profiled in Adore Magazine.

As publicists we are constantly inviting others in to our space.  Designers, editors, stylists, writers…we hold press previews and meetings, invite guests for coffee or cocktails, our work is non-stop and so is theirs. We needed a place that was inviting, accommodating and makes everyone feel like they’re right at home. – Malorie Kaye

What inspired the space and decor?

The overall vision began with the idea of re-creating a living room within our office.  I always found that when a space is cozy and inviting, it not only puts a smile on your guest’s faces but entices them to stick around for a while. Our philosophy has always been “the more the merrier,” simply because having others around makes work so much fun! I’ve always had a very distinct style, I knew it needed to be just the right amount of glamour, polish and a touch of whimsical dreaminess which perfectly matches our logo & aesthetic.  In my mind, the only way to accomplish that is through a mix of vintage and modern and a juxtaposition of soft feminine colors and bold black and white accents, so that’s exactly what we did.

The plush rug, the comfy velvet couch, the chandelier, every piece reminds me of a girl’s dream home which makes me want to stay forever…that was the plan and we hope everyone who joins us feels the same. Each shelf takes our clients’ artistry to another level, not only are we displaying gorgeous jewelry, bags and shoes but we’re turning them in to key elements of decor that transform our space.We worked with an unbelievably talented designer, Nichole Loiacono of Parlour Home, who brought our ideas to life and added  important finishing touches to really personalize the space to the Cameo PR brand.

How does the space reflect Cameo PR?

When you walk in to a really pretty space you instantly feel calm.  Both the Fashion and PR industries can be intense and overwhelming, I wanted to create an atmosphere that conveyed the opposite of that, a place where clients, editors and employees would feel comfortable and relaxed, a kind of zen, even if just for a few minutes.  We are an intimate company in a very image-driven industry so it was essential that our office matched our personality as a team and a brand and that it represented each of our clients in an incredible way.

I think when you look at the office, whether as a whole or each individual detail, you really just see pretty, which is what the whole industry is about, exuding beauty.  Personal touches made all the difference too, our hand drawn logo was done by one of our talented clients, Jess Rizzuti, and truly became a one-of-a-kind piece of art, prominently displayed above the couch!

Visit Cameo PR in NYC at:
167 Madison Ave, Suite 205
New York, NY 10016


Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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