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About Elle

Elle Communications provides public relations, marketing and events services to a variety of clients in the lifestyle space, many of whom mix business with philanthropy. Elle also produces THREAD, a quarterly shopping event that highlights the best in indie fashion. In 2011,  944 Magazine named Elle Comm’s founder, Danielle Gano, one of San Diego’s “Innovators Under 30,” and San Diego Magazine chose her as one of the 50 People to Watch in 2011.

I know how much your environment sets your mood and inspires (or uninspires) you throughout the day. Creating a work environment that is clean, comfortable and creative is vital to setting the tone of the company and providing my team with the tools they need to accomplish their goals. – Danielle Gano

What inspired the space and decor?

Our offices in LA and San Diego are quite different and reflect the focus of the different sides of the company. In San Diego, we’re lucky to share a space with world-renowned architect, Graham Downes, a beautifully-crafted contemporary space in San Diego’s Barrio Logan neighborhood. Our team in San Diego focuses on a lot of our business and lifestyle projects, which is reflected in this simplistically high-tech space. We have personalized the predominately white and metal space with splashes of Elle Comm green through vintage furniture (from great San Diego stores Nest Vintage and Mid Century) and succulents (from Tend) throughout.

In LA, our office has to house a lot of clothes because all of our apparel clients are managed through this office. In this creative space we focused  create a creative space and, again, you’ll find loads of mid-century furniture (our favorite is our white conference table upstairs where we all work together 90% of the time) and gardens of succulents on our patio.

How do the spaces reflect Elle?

I have had a wide range of work experiences, ranging from beautiful, luxurious spaces to dark rooms without windows and (gasp) cubicles. The design of the offices certainly reflect my personal love of vintage furniture and plants that I’m capable of keeping alive. We use splashes of our signature green without overwhelming the space. Ultimately, it was my goal to create an environment with a lot of light, creativity and organization (there is nothing more distracting than trying to work in a messy or disorganized space). Much like our team, our space is welcoming and inspiring.


Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

Known as the “fashion publicist’s most powerful accessory,” (San Diego Union-Tribune) and the “West Coast ‘It’ girl of fashion PR,” (YFS Magazine) Crosby Noricks put fashion public relations on the digital map when she launched PR Couture in 2006. She is the author of Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR, available on Amazon. A decade later, Crosby is a successful fashion marketing strategist who spends her time championing PR Couture's growth and mentoring fashion publicists through her signature online course PRISM. Learn more about opportunities to work directly with Crosby at her website