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Welcome to the first installment of Inside Scoop, where we take a virtual tour through some of our favorite fashion PR and marketing agency workspaces!

About The brpr Group

The brpr Group bills themselves as a Creative Social Media Agency. You may remember our previous coverage of Eva Longoria’s behind-the-scenes digital video content, conceived of  Chief Creative Director and co-founder of BRPR Gerard Bush, who is also Haute Living’s Creative Director Contributor.

The agency and was recently mentioned in the New York Times for landing Hard Rock Vodka and received ample coverage of client Bal Harbor’s now notorious Fashion’s Night Out party, wherein the “Klout Lounge” could only be accessed by those with Klout scores over 40.

We want anyone that visits our office to understand exactly who we are from the second they walk in.

brpr also just moved into an amazing new office space. Below, Gerard takes us on a walkthrough:

What inspired the space and decor?

Beauty and minimalism serve as the central theme. We do not subscribe to the creative agency template with foosball table, dart board; typical mainstays that one would expect. Instead built an environment that truly spurs creative thought.

We have three custom built 8×8 foot blonde pine wood tables built with dome lights in the center of each one, 25foot ceilings with a 16foot sheer white curtain that divides our “last supper” conference table from the common area of the space.

We have a giant speaker box (it actually plays music) from artist Adrian Sonni, and showcase works from Canadian artist Elisabetta Fantone and photographer Ivan Nava. There are no walls in our office, in an effort to invite collaboration from all team members regardless of specialty.

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How does the space reflect BRPR values?

Everything is personal. We created a signature scent that blows in from the air-con system and a large portrait of my boxer Cooper hangs proudly above the bright orange couch (her twitter handle is @agirlnamedcooper and I think she is up to 500 followers by now!).

We are an agency that prides ourselves on creating stunning visuals. We take our environment very seriously because it is reflection of the agency’s personality. We have a motto at The brpr Group “the way you do anything is the way you do everything.” Our office is a visual indicator of the type of attention to detail and substance clients get when we choose to work together.

Visit The brpr Group on Twitter and in Miami at
4141 NE 2nd Ave
Miami , FL 33137


Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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