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Last year G/O Digital reported that when people using social media wanted to research a local business, Facebook was their go-to choice by 62%.  However, it’s become increasingly challenging for brands to reach their audiences through Facebook content alone, and as a result, many fashion companies are shifting their focus to Instagram or introducing complex paid social media advertising strategies to ensure reach (and better track ROI).

If you’re a designer with a Facebook page that is as tired as 2014’s pleated skirt, or a publicist struggling with the best ways to take advantage of Facebook for clients, here are a few tips to get excited about Facebook again.

Launch a new content strategy

Social Media Examiner author Scott Ayers recommends pages publish at least three times a day for maximum engagement, and that these updates should be a mix of photos, text-only updates and links to external content.

Invite cross-channel collaboration on monthly content calendar

While the Facebook page management might fall into the hands of the PR or social media department, invite all departments to collaborate on monthly content. This is a great way to not only uncover interesting stories but invite the entire company to take some ownership over the success of the page. Share monthly reports and analysis to anyone interested and invite feedback and ideas.

Act as a discovery channel for cool stuff customers care about

With approximately 90 status updates needed per month, one of the challenges can be to come up with enough content to keep followers engaged. Rather than focusing on 100% brand content, share articles and information that your audience will find compelling. Think like an editor, with your Facebook page acting as a news aggregator or discover engine for your customers. Take a look at how Fashion PR Confidential maximizes this approach, as well as Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.

Develop original creative imagery

Images get shared and are a great way to add a bit of extra branding to your page, within Facebook’s design parameters. Work with your creative department to develop a signature look for all Facebook images. Include a relevant, on-brand image along with every brand-related status update. These types of posts have a tendency to be clicked on more and have better traffic.

Perform a competitive audit

If you’re feeling a lack of inspiration on your own page, investigate what competitors and like-minded brands in other verticals are posting. Every quarter, it’s valuable to put together a social media competitive audit. You can do this manually, or take advantage of services like Agora Pulse or FanPage Karma.  Analyze what types of content is doing well, how often content is being posted, evaluate the amount of brand vs nonbrand content, integration with other social channels, and overall tone/voice.

Timing might be everything

Get curious about when to post content by testing different times of day. Quicksprout shared a social media infographic suggesting that early afternoon wins on Facebook, and that 1pm is the best time to post for shares, and 3pm for clicks. Keep in mind your audience is likely in different time zones, so make sure you’re hitting everyone’s early afternoon.

Upgrade your expertise

Many businesses joined Facebook and created pages up because it was a “free” way to promote a company. However, paying for Facebook ads or boosting your posts should be part of your overall marketing budget if you are looking for that extra reach.

In order to get the type of engagement you are hoping for, it’s time to go pro when it comes to Facebook’s paid options. Start by boosting a few branded posts with strong calls to action (to shop, or to simply answer a quick question). Choose your audience, the budget and your reach. For more information on promoting your page, boosting your posts or advertising on Facebook, check out their Help Center.

It’s also worth taking advantage of the ample digital courses available to stay up-to-date on the latest Facebook changes. Join Skillshare (free for a month with this link) and take courses like “How I Make $2000 A Month On Facebook Selling T Shirts” and “Paid Traffic Fundamentals: Google Ads vs Facebook Ads.”

After all, feeling more empowered around Facebook is a surefire way to get excited about testing new strategies and achieving the results you seek!

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