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Happy New Year! January and the new year brings with it a fresh energy and a restart – try some new pitch ideas as well! From products/apps that help you keep New Years’ resolutions to goodies that inspire coziness and warmth, January provides ample pitch ideas if you get creative.

1. New Everything – Habits, Resolutions, Lifestyle Upgrades – A new year is all about a new start. Take advantage of everything from resolutions to word of the year roundups and pitch the New. If you have anything result or habit-oriented (a time-management app, a multi-tasking fitness brand, crystal water bottles, SPF) definitely pitch! Even less common picks can be fun – haircare products for redheads if your resolution has been to make a daring change!

2. Buh-bye bubbly, hello Dry January –  Many people take part in “Dry January” the first month of the year, swearing off alcohol. In support, pitch ingredients, recipes and tools to make delicious mocktails. From kombucha to beet kvass to fresh-pressed juices, shakers, blenders, and food processors to beautiful straws (reusable please!) and glassware, dress dry January up right. Similarly, brick + mortar alternatives to happy hour, social media challenges and expert coaches are great to bring in here too.

3. Weekend Getaways –  – Not all of us jump back into work-mode with open arms. Instead, we are often still in vacation mode with getaways on the mind. If you work with any travel-oriented brands like luggage, travel accessories, TSA-compliant beauty products or any other must-haves, this is the perfect time to pitch. If you rep any locations or destination spas that are great for a long weekend stay, pitching a MLK-weekend specific time-bound trip is the ticket this month.

4. Winter Skin Saviors –  Editors and influencers love to hear about products that help hydrate dry, irritated winter skin! From rich moisturizers to soothing plant toners, anything that helps deal with redness, flakiness, and tight, dry skin is likely to get a second look when pitching right now.

5. Hygge Essentials – January is first full month of winter and a great excuse to get cozy. Hygge is a hot topic among lifestyle influencers and editors. If you have anything that says “snuggle up by the fire” now is your time to pitch it! From warm robes to scented candles and soothing teas, products that encourage a wellness and cuddling vibe are right in line with this month’s cozy vibes.

6. Awards Season – January kicks off awards season. Get ready to pitch products and experts with a celebrity connection as  as all things A-list get prime coverage this month. If your brands don’t have a celeb following no worries – there’s other ways to create a connection! Food brands can come up with fun snack ideas to nosh on during the show or loungewear brands can promote their coziest pieces to watch the shows at home.

7. Garnet is your color story – January’s birthstone is garnet. Products in this beautiful rich color make a great angle for not only fashion and accessories brands, but other lifestyle products like fitness brands, home goods, and travel goods. If you have more than one product in this color definitely pitch it – the more you can include, the easier you’ll make the editors’ lives.

8. Pantone Color of the Year –  Another great color story is always Pantone’s color of the year – this year it’s the vibrant and happy Living Coral. Again, any products in this color make for a great spin (from fashion to lip gloss to throw pillows!), as will a design, color and fashion trend experts who can speak to why this year’s hue will resonate with customers and how people can easily incorporate it into their lives.

9. Brands Championing Diversity – While Black History Month kicks off next month, MLK day opens up opportunities to highlight brands owned by people of color, brands whose marketing and content choices reflect a diverse set of models and customers, any apparel brands with slogan tees that are just the ticket to wear on the day of, jewelry brands with give-back models to support low-income communities and of course, plan on how this extends through to brand’s owned social content.

10. Belly Laugh Day – January 24 – There’s a day for everything – including belly laughs! For a fun social media campaign, get your audience laughing with a great joke, either in a caption or a full-on humorous video. Or have your audience weigh in as well by sharing their most embarrassing moment related to your client’s focus for a chance to win can receive a gift card/free product.

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