4 Crucial Things to Understand About Jewelry PR


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As a PR firm, you have to realize what you can and can’t offer.  With jewelry there can be a lot of overlap in design between brands.  You need to decide if you want to specialize in a certain type of jewelry, if you want to have all different styles of jewelry or if you will let certain brands overlap in the similarity of their pieces.  Once you have a grasp of what you are looking for you can’t be afraid to ask questions.  Find out what stores people are going to, what are the upcoming jewelry trends, what pieces are you really drawn to? Look on Pinterest, Instagram and Etsy to figure out the type of jewelry you want to specialize in. You can find jewelry brands anywhere!

Jewelry is as much about the images as it is about seeing the pieces in person.  If you don’t have great images or a look book to show your line, how can you expect people to grasp the quality of the brand?  Make sure you have images that are hi-res on white background as well as lifestyle shots.  Both will help editors and stylists understand the pieces enough if they aren’t able to see them in person.

In addition, if you want to focus on jewelry brands, keep in mind the following

Jewelry comes last

Unlike clothing, stylists usually pull jewelry in the last 48 hrs before an appearance.  You have to be willing to work fast and realize you are at the mercy of the stylist if you want the placement.

It’s all about the images

Jewelry is very difficult to photograph, so a lot of magazines aren’t willing to spend the time or money anymore to have shots done.  If you can have images of your pieces on white background that are at least 300dpi you open yourself up to more placement opportunities.

Jewelry doesn’t have seasons

Unlike with clothing, jewelry designers are not required to design new pieces every season.  Usually a few new additions to the line are ok every few months.  Changes in metal colors or stones can even make enough of a difference with a piece so that it seems new.

Keep an eye on your gems

Since jewelry can be worn more then once, it’s hard to know how long a stylist or celebrity will hold onto a piece.  You have to weigh out your options and know when someone has had something too long.

Depending on the price point, gifting jewelry can really hurt a brand.  A lot of cost goes into making pieces and if you start gifting in hopes of placement you may see your profits dip before the pieces are a hit.  Only gift when you know they will wear it out or if they have worn thew piece multiple times.  In all other cases, sell at wholesale.

If you want to land more jewelry clients, take time to understand the jewelry process.  Know what it takes to make a piece, the difference in metals, why certain brands might go into 18kt and why others won’t.  The more you educate yourself in the category the more likely designers are to trust you.

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Rachel Meis

Rachel Meis

Rachel Meis is currently the owner and CEO at Rachel Meis Communications. Rachel has strong relationships with stylists that have led to her clients’ product placements on celebrities such as Christina Applegate, Vanessa Hudgens, Guliana Rancic, the Kardashians and Lauren Graham. Rachel’s expertise in social media paired with the low cost / high return formulas she has developed have resulted in great success for her clients with placement in such publications as Lucky Magazine, Redbook, and People Magazine.