5 Ways to Find Your Place at a New Office (Even if You’re The Youngest One)


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Showing up for the first few weeks in a new position can be nerve-wracking. After all, you’re settling into a new routine, have a whole new office environment and personalities to navigate, and then there’s wanting to confirm you were the right candidate by doing an incredible job with the actual work you’ve been assigned.

If you’re also the youngest in the office, you may feel the additional need to prove your degree gifted you with more than student debt and an insane number of parking violations.

Rather than head into the office Monday morning intimidated, consider the following steps to ensure you build healthy relationships and professional confidence

1. Create a daily routine

In addition to the new job title you have, you are also introducing yourself in this new environment as your own brand – from decorating your desk with unicorns to your leather tote with your initials stamped in gold.

Creating a regular routine in the office helps keep anxiety at bay and helps you to take Wearing heels and grabbing a triple espresso at 3 p.m. for a midday pick-me-up is very on-brand for some. Wearing flats and taking small breaks that include a stroll around the park with green juice is another.

Think about how you want to show up at the office, and what you want to be known for (perhaps it’s your killer cinnamon latte, influencer connections and killer playlist) and build that into how you spend your days.

Finding your rhythm and feeling the part will affirm that you belong in those board meetings –and yes, before you ask yourself, you do have substantial contributions to offer.

2. Know Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Similar to a product, find what makes you stand out from your peers. If you are  exceptional job at editing and proofreading, offer your services as you see fit and showcase those skills. Maybe you have a great eye for graphic design and feel like taking a stab at the company Instagram. When someone is in need they will know they can come to you.

Once you have your USP you are no longer just an employee, you’re an asset.

3.Think of your boss as Your Biggest Client

Building a relationship with your boss can seem awkward and confusing at first – especially in more casual agency environments.  Push past any nervousness and start the relationship on the right foot by communicating efficiently and effectively. Maintain a high level of transparency with your work, ask questions and consider what you can do to make her life easier.

When something is on your mind take initiative and call a meeting to discuss questions or concerns. Your boss will see that you know how to take hold of a situation before it gets out of hand, or at the very least– to ask for help. Much like client reports, send them morning reports/weekly reports as check-ins, never leave them in the dark when it comes to your productivity. As your client, always ask what works for them and cater to that need. A large portion of communicating effectively is outstanding customer service.

4. approach your to-do list as an opportunity for growth

Yes you want to make the best impression possible and come out the gate showing off all you know. However, no one is great at everything, and that’s okay – and expected.

If you can have a confident attitude about your weaknesses you will actually appear to be more trustworthy overall.

Ask questions on anything that is confusing – from weird industry acronyms to how to use the printer – with a cheerful, curious frame of mind. Your directness will be appreciated by coworkers and avoids you wasting precious hours trying to do it yourself.

Once you have your USP you are no longer just an employee, you’re an asset

Ask for help when you need it!

5. Be a curious obvserver and active listener

If you take away anything from these tips, I strongly encourage you to spend time listening to those around you. You will learn a lot from observing how others  go about tackling their work day. Take a page or two from their book and write your own story.

Best of luck in your new position!

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