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Hi loves, it’s Amanda and I’m here with my last SXSW-inspired article. I’ve enjoyed sharing with you what I learned and gained at SXSW this year. The highlight of the fashion track for me was listening to Kesha sit down with Refinery29’s Chief Content Officer Amy Emmerich and tell her story.

If you’re not a fan like myself, you might not know that Kesha started her career at 18, was selling out packed stadiums by 23. And, at 28, she checked into rehab by 28. But, you’ve probably caught glimpses of her struggles with online bullying and her decision to sue her producer for sexual assault across entertainment news media.  

As Kesha got vulnerable with the packed ballroom, effectively spilling her guts while rocking a glitter and fringe covered pantsuit, of course! I gleaned 15 juicy insights around how to get back in charge of your life and reclaim your personal power.

  • Reclaim your domain – you are the IRL version of your social URLs. Reclaim your power and be you. Kesha encouraged us to be the best version of ourselves; that means even the messy and ugly parts.
  • There is safety in freedom – you are free to claim your power. The only thing stopping you, is you.
  • It’s okay to talk about it – you feel it and it’s okay to want to share it, whether that be with friends, family or a therapist. Let it out. Kesha knows a little about sharing the difficult or taboo after suing her producer for sexual harassment. She said it was difficult, but even the difficult things have to be talked about.
  • Find strength in your vulnerabilities – there is beauty in being honest and exposed. It is powerful for yourself and others around you.
  • Imperfections are powerful – the shape of your nose, the size of your thighs, the freckles on your neck, whatever imperfections you feel you have, they are yours and yours alone. And that is powerful.
  • Dig deeper into your emotions – give your emotions a voice by digging deep and discovering what they really mean to you. Are you hurt instead of disappointed, lonely instead of frustrated. Seek the truth of your emotions. 
  • Don’t give the trolls power – Kesha has dealt with online bullying for years and admitted that the negative comments got to her, affecting her power. She stressed that claiming your power means not letting the comments of others affect you; no matter how cruel.
  • Cope by creating – when the going gets the tough get creating. Draw, paint, sing, dance, color, write, cope with your emotions by creating. Use your senses to create and get in touch with your power.
  • Care for individuals – you’re human and they are human, care for them as you would yourself.
  • Go for your goals – Kesha never had a goal to be a celebrity, her goal was to perform and perform in a way that unleashes her power. I’d say she’s doing a killer job of that. 
  • Your voice has a responsibility – your voice has experience and Kesha believes it is your responsibility to share those experience. Especially to help support other humans. Your experience might save someone else from a similar experience. Share your voice. 
  • Help those who need help – Kesha is a huge advocate for LGBT rights, anti-bullying, among other causes and encouraged SXSW attendees to get involved.
  • Love yourself unabashedly – if you want to be sexy, a feminist, crazy, loving, loud, ambitious, bad ass female, be that and love yourself. Be who you want to be and love yourself endlessly. 
  • Age like wisdom, not wine – aging isn’t negative, it is an opportunity to discover more wisdom. Each month, each year, and each decade brings new wisdom and that only increases your power.
  • Lead by example – You don’t need Kesha level celebrity status to lead by example. Your example will empower your friends, family, and followers. 

Listening to Kesha discuss her personal challenges with grace and self-compassion inspired me to be more real with my own community and audience – both on and offline. I hope her gems of wisdom encourage you to be unabashedly yourself wherever you go!




Amanda Nelson is a social media expert, video enthusiast, and entrepreneur. Amanda founded Jupiter Production House in 2014 to offer full-service video production and social media support to nonprofits & purpose-driven companies. She was nominated for 2016 Women Who Mean Business Awards and speaks regularly on the power of social video storytelling.