Land Your Dream PR Job with help from PR Couture

Become a Prismadonna

While some say, “it’s PR not ER,” kickstarting your career in public relations can feel as complex and overwhelming as the prospect of performing surgery, blindfolded. Why? Unlike other professions, the sheer pace at many PR agencies is so completely nutso that despite our best intentions, oftentimes experienced publicists simply don’t have the time to slow down and offer support and guidance to the newest crop.

So there you are, all excited and eager to get started in your career with absolutely no idea what you should be doing. Not to mention, that lack of direction and training leaves the higher ups in the office frustrated that you just just can’t figure it out.

Nightmare, huh?

The good thing to know is that you’re totally not alone. And I’ve got a solution that is going to help fill in a ton of the blanks – making it easy to stand out – from cover letters to campaign ideas – you’ll simply rock this whole dream job thing.

gem-blush-02Welcome to our signature course, PRISM

PRISM covers personal branding, positioning, and pitching, plus a ton of career resources to help you get hired, promoted, made queen Girl Boss of the office, you get the idea!

Nearly 70 aspiring PR Girls have already become Prismadonnas (what I call my PRISM grads), and are actively supporting one another through our Alumni group. This kick-ass PR Girl squad is killing it career-wise, working New York Fashion Week, landing jobs at top PR agencies, working with celebrities and top designers, you name it.

Does that sound like a career path and network you’d like to be a part of? Good, because the entire PRISM course just got a fresh upgrade and I can’t wait to share it with you.

“I wanted to transition from internships to a paying PR job. PRISM gave me the tools and confidence to take that next step. I just landed a job as an E-commerce assistant for a fashion and lifestyle brand. I manage the online store, assist in PR/Marketing and photo shoots. It’s literally my dream job!” – Morgan Hough, Florida

More about the course

PRISM is a 6-week course that covers personal branding, PR skills and career planning. This year I’ve completely revamped course materials, fine-tuned exercises, challenges, hacks and added new, in-depth expert interviews with successful PR professionals.

Choose from 3 different PRISM tracks that each offer varying degrees of one-on-one support, plus get a heaping swag bag of free bonuses ($449 worth) just for signing up, not to mention lifetime access into the PRISM Alumni Network.

Update: The live PRISM course is now closed, but you can sign up for the DIY course and complete it at your own pace. Learn more!

To all the ambitious future boss babes looking to improve your PR skills and land your dream job, I’d love to offer myself up as mentor, PR coach and general life cheerleader.

What do you say? Come see what I’ve created for you this year.

gem-blush-03PS: If PRISM isn’t a fit, but you know a great intern or entry-level candidate, I’d be so honored if you’d let them know about PRISM by sharing this blog post. I do my very best to ensure course grads are the type of gals you love to hire.