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In this digital era people are constantly texting each other – be it through text messaging or social media apps. As part of digital communication, Emojis are everywhere.

Why is everyone so fond of emoji?

Well, human brains are capable of understanding visual content more quickly than textual content. Online content consisting of emoji will grabs attention more quickly and arguably, for a longer period of time. Brands are including emoji as a form of communication in pitching, social media content, email subject lines and more.

Brands Using Emoji Marketing

Emoji marketing has been going on longer than you may suspect. Back in 2015, the World Wildlife Fund created an emoji campaign featuring emoji of seventeen endangered species and habitats to raise funds for protecting precious those species and habitats. And in 2014, the White House issued a report about millennials, which used emoji in infographics to share important on education and health care.

Brands incorporating emojis on Instagram have seen an increase of more than 45%, on Facebook 47% and Twitter 25%. For Domino’s Pizza, emoji has become a key part of the online ordering process. Yes, you can now order pizza through Twitter with a pizza slice emoji. At McDonald’s, the emoji campaign Good Time aimed to connect happiness to menu items.


  • Instagram: 50% of Instagram captions include emoji
  • Over 16320 emoji are supported in iOS 9.1
  • July 17 is considered to be World Emoji day
  • Women are the most emoji users. About 60% of women use emoji frequently.

Tips for emoji marketing

There are hundreds of emojis available online; there are emojis for almost every expression; in fact, several emojis for the same expressions. Choose a few signature emojis that best connect to a brand’s personality or products and use these consistently to help connect usage with brand content. Be sure to check the original meaning behind each emoji to make sure use is on brand.

It’s can be easy to over-use emoji so think of it as message amplification – like punctuation – and never as a replacement for a message. Be sure to test emoji use and figure out what usage makes the most impact before diving into a more substantive campaign.

Use of emojis offers a new method of communication with customers and can help copy-heavy content have a touch of visual distinction that makes it not only easy, but fun to read. Whether you explore branded emojis or a signature “cheers” in your Friday newsletter, find ways to incorporate emoji into brand communication.

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