3 Lessons from a Content Marketer to Help Boost PR Efforts


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Written by Daniela McVicker

PR practitioners have always had the same job. They aim to raise brand awareness, engage a certain target audience and communicate with the public eye. When you think about it, it’s similar to what content marketers do with their marketing strategies. They create content for specific target audiences and use it to reach their goals of advertising brands and taking a spot on the market. PR mavens can take advantage of these same content marketing practices to boost their PR efforts.

So, if you’re a PR professional or small business owner and you’re looking for new tactics and strategies to apply, look no further. Take a look at the list below to learn which content marketing ideas can make your publicity efforts more successful.

1. Re-use press hits across different platforms

Content marketers are using different platforms to publish and promote their content. They have spread their field of operation and wherever you look, they’ve got something going on there. PR professionals should aim at doing the same thing and go beyond simply securing press.

Now, PR efforts – from story angles that weren’t picked up my media (but that you know are too good to trash) to secured coverage – can be extended by telling the story or result with social media content, newsletter and site mentions, as well as streaming video.

2. Embrace social search and SEO

If you want people to be able to find you and listen to what you have to say, you need to make it easy on them to do so.Content marketing is often focused on being discovered through Search. Rather than waiting for media to say yes to a story, leverage owned brand channels and tell the story yourself with the appropriate headline and keywords. A great starting point is to imagine what a person might be searching for when your brand would be a solution. Congrats, you’ve just written your first headline.


3. Be disruptive with your messaging

We all get a ton of information thrown at us mercilessly, which is actually a huge opportunity to put these storytelling skills to work. With all the content and information trying to get our attention, we need to be worthy of attention. One tip is to lead with a strong opening line, like a piece of data, to create a bit of curiosity and stop the scroll.

Once your audience finishes with a piece of content, we want them to feel like they’ve invested their time wisely and not wasted it on something frivolous (well, unless that’s what they were going for!).

By considering the use of various content strategies, public relations firms can increase client discovery and audience engagement, even as the traditional media landscape continues to shift.

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