Tired of sending out pitch after pitch and not getting anything back?

Well those days are now over.

Grab Your Copy of the PR Couture Pitch Template

Start crafting your best pitches yet. Learn our signature 3-part process for reply-worthy communication.

Once you've mastered this approach to pitching you'll:

  • Be prepared to pitch to a variety of outlets and types of opportunities at any given time - hello, placements!
  • Increase confidence knowing you're sending out the kind of pitches media love to receive - what a relief!
  • Get more perfect pitches out the door faster saving time and improving efficiency - now that's good for business!

Where can we send your pitch template?

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    This pitch template covers

    • How to establish a relationship and quickly build rapport
    • The best ways to communicate your ask + organize your pitch
    • How to drive conversation forward + set yourself up for success
    Free Email Pitch Template for Media, Influencers, Press, Editors, Journalists