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With Instagram 3.0 launching today, it seems appropriate to share a few favorite contests fashion brands are executing using everyone’s favorite photo-sharing application. Intagram does have a few challenges, particularly with contacting winners (try and the ability to link to photo submissions on the web, so it’s valuable to see how different companies are approaching the tactical execution of a mobile app photo contest.


Overview: Provides blog and Facebook content, option to email in photos, trip to Tulum

The #soludosendlesssummer contest details are on the brand’s blog, but the contest is alive and kicking on its Facebook wall. Participants can either use Instagram or simply email in great summer pics. Terms and conditions do apply, but that link doesn’t appear to be live (nor does it appear to be deterring entries). Weekly winners are posted on Facebook and the blog.


Overview: Facebook Application, Fashion Blogger Judges, Trip to Rome

I learned about this contest via an email from Statigram, which has it’s own Instatgram contest toolkit for brands. Valentino is running it’s #myvalentinanights contest through a Facebook application. Entrants are able to enter up to seven photos of “a city by night in the spirit of Valentina,” using Instagram and the contest hashtag. The judges are a menagerie of international fashion bloggers including Susie Bubble and The Cherry Blossom Girl. The grand prize winner gets a weekend trip to Roma, bellisima! There is also a “photo of the week,” which, judging from the rules, means receiving 50 ml. of “Valentina”‘s perfume.  All photos are available to be viewed on the application. Some are truly spectacular, like the one we chose above, by Instagram user @Soblacktie.

W Magazine

Overview: Facebook application using Hippstamatic, Chance to shoot editorial for W

It’s not always about Instagram. W Magazine has partnered with Hippstamatic (yup, remember them!) to offer a branded upgrade pack of filters and entry into a photo contest. The the WMag FreePak h includes the Wonder Lens, W40 film, and WMag Case is in honor of the magazine’s hefty September issue. With the theme of transformation, the W Magazine photo contest starts on August 20 and takes place on the magazine’s Facebook page. This contest provides aspiring photographers with a pretty incredible opportunity: the chance to shoot a story for, be featured in the W and Hipstamatic Transformation exhibition and a signed copy of W:The 40 Years book. Unlike the other examples, winning isn’t about impressing a fashion blogger or even W magazine. Instead, results are tracked via Tweets, tags and Likes.

Have you run a mobile photo app contest? How did it go? Any tips to share?

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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