5 Things Every PR Pro Should Understand About NFTs


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Written by Ketia Jeune

It seems like everyday there is a new trend in technology that is changing the way we interact with each other, brands, and consumers. The increasing sales of NFTs, or non fungible tokens, are inspiring more brands to learn about the process – and PR firms can help. 

Firms like 5WPR are already jumping on the bandwagon by creating an NFT speciality public relations practice which will offer clients a team of experts who will help their clients “navigate through the process.” To be frank, NFTs will impact the public relations industry because it is changing the way we consume and share digital content. 

An NFT is a unique collectible digital asset that holds form in cryptocurrency but the item  cannot be duplicated. An example of this is Jack Dorsey placing his first tweet ever for sale at $2.5 million. A tweet, of course, is not something tangible, so what consumers are actually paying for is bragging rights. The fact the consumers can say they have the first ‘original’ ever made. 

NFTs can be anything digital, such as drawings, music, games, NBA trading cards, video clips, or anything in our virtual world. Here are five ways PR pros can support clients who are interested in NFTs: 

1. Understand Blockchain PR

Blockchain PR is a fairly new term to describe public relations pros and marketers who specialize in the cryptocurrency space. They understand the technology and how to create sponsored content which will engage consumers in the market. We can use blockchain technology to tell stories and track the growth of digital marketing campaigns. 

2. Continuously learn about NFT technology 

As NFTs continue to make their way into our markets, we must actively learn more about how the tool impacts both brands and consumers. PR pros are often tasked with teaching their clients about the new trends that may impact their businesses. 

It’s important PR pros are able to articulate how NFTs may impact the digital original content they create for their products or services.  

To be frank, NFTs will impact the public relations industry because it is changing the way we consume and share digital content. 

3. Keep the press informed

Press releases are necessary for NFTs just like they are for tangible products and live events. A brand may want to distribute and share the news about their NFT and is looking to your PR firm to share the news with reputable outlets. 

PR agencies should start to build a list of publications that can match the client’s NFT consumers who may be potential buyers or collectors. 

NFT Now is one of the first media platforms to focus on trailblazing artists, collectors, and technologists who are redefining the creative economy. NFT Now is a great place for your clients to advertise their NFTs or learn more about how they work. 

4. Create digital campaigns that are NFT compatible 

SmartMedia Technologies launched The SmartMedia Lab in late March. This helps agencies and brands create immersive mobile experiences using advertising campaigns that are NFTs. 

PR pros are strategic planners who must understand how to create digital content that will align with the new technology and market. 

5. Build relationships with NFT marketing agencies 

PR and marketing teams work together to combine both earned and paid advertising strategies  to their clients campaigns. It is important that PR pros build relationships with NFT marketers to understand how to track crypto growth using SEOs, influencers, and publishers.

Some of those marketing agencies include AppDupe, Coinbound, and Firecask. 

The Bottom Line with NFTs

NFTs are more than just a trend; they are the future of our digital ecosystem. All industries will have to adapt to this new form of technology including PR professionals. PR pros can support their clients by learning more about NFTs and how tech innovations relate to the industry.

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