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After being inspired by the Fashion Business Panel, I headed up to the Accessories lounge where I found a photo booth waiting for me. A free photo booth! And a lovely lady telling me I could take as many pictures as I wanted! Thank you Classic Photo Booth!


Well, feeling quite at home and volunteering myself for anyone going attending solo who wanted a photo booth friend (I am a fiend and met Holly Landau from the Fashion Business Panel this way – see above!) I decided to stick around for a bit and check out the 4 pm Luxe Collective Runway show. This show featured the following independent designers: Agnes Valentine | Dora Abodi | Elda De La Rosa Couture | KabukiU | MinnaK | Sodalicious.

MinnaK Models

While waiting for the show to begin, I was able to meet up with a Twitter friend of mine Lisa Barr @Bridalease, who writes for New York Bridal Fashion Examiner, so it was great fun having someone to chat with before the show started, not to mention nabbing a second row seat! I have to say, after a week of spending over an hour to see a 10 minute collection, it was so nice to sit down for a bit and enjoy multiple designers at a single show. In addition, the whole vibe at Nolcha was very relaxed – after the show many models stuck around to take photos with people attending the shows and everyone seemed to be having a really good time.


Unfortunately my camera battery was dead by this point, but I did snap a few photos with my cell phone camera that came out ok. Bright spots during the show for me were Sodalicious’ Marie Antionette-inspired feathers and costume quality gowns as well as Elsa De La Rosa’s choice of the Frieda soundtrack to accompany her designs! For me music is such a key component to truly telling the story of a collection. For more photos check out the NYFW photo album on the PR Couture Facebook Fan Page.


Now, I don’t think I have really ever done an outfit post, but what I put together for Nolcha just worked so well and carried me well into the wee hours of the morning in the East Village so I wanted to share it here. I basically wore a whole lot of black with a vintage lace dress over and my trusty Hayden Harnett Zipper boots and a patent leather belt (Target!) work umpire style. I paired the black and natural lace with a gorgeous green bracelet sent to me from Nancy Vaughn of Whitebook Agency from her client Cecelia Bythewood’s new collection. I actually ended up wearing this bracelet again to the Twinkle by Wenlan after-party!


Pictured on my left is Jordana Bruner of Clutch 22 and her friend and PR girl Jessika Goldstein. Jessika actually introduced Jordana to PR Couture, so I thought it was only fair she make her debut on the blog!

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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