Not at NYFW? No Problem: Publicists Share How Brands Can Get Involved Anyway

Just because your clients aren’t showing at fashion week, doesn’t mean taking the week off (ha! like you ever would). In fact, there are ample ways to take advantage of the media frenzy more than 100,000 people attending. Here are 2 ways publicists are getting their clients involved in creative ways.

Dani Song wearing Bogs

Fix a common problem for editors and bloggers attending

It’s all about making life easier for those you want to build a relationship with, and NYFW in February can be cold, rainy and slushy. To combat bad weather, Samantha Slaven Publicity reached out to editors, bloggers and influencers attending offering to outfit them in some very necessary waterproof footwear from client BOGS. An extension of an ongoing seeding program which has already caught the attention of top tier bloggers like Dani Song (pictured), this fashion week specific pitch angle is a hit.  Samantha Slaven explains “I’ll never forget getting stuck in a blizzard one FW, and lamenting my poor (LA girl) shoe choices! We’re integrating Bogs into key fashion bloggers/influencers wardrobes this FW so they have warm, cozy, stylish footwear to wear around town, especially in case of any snowy/icy/rainy weather. When the weather gets crummy, no matter what time of year, no one wants to ruin their $1000 designer boots – Bogs is a great alternative to still look stylish while ensuring you have the traction not to fall on your face.” Indeed – I have a pair of black boots still recovering from an unexpected week of New York City snow!


Comfy+Chic Fashion Week Look by Shutterstock

Use Fashion Week to provide customer inspiration

If your clients are following along like everyone else, take advantage of social media instantly connect runway trends with existing inventory, show how to get a popular look for less, or simply show off a fun brand personality by poking a bit of good-natured fun at street style snaps or the more avant garde designer looks. At Me Management, CEO Matthew Aversa shared that his NYC team shares event calendars and social media accounts with clients on the west coast, to make it easy for clients to “follow on all social media and make statements as they are happening,” noting that, ” It’s actually a lot more fun that way.”

While following along in real-time is great, fashion week related content can also developed and used year round. Shutterstock created two well-trafficked pieces of blog content in 2013 and 2014, demonstrating how to take advantage of Shutterstock to make fashion week collages and mood boards. A representative for the company shared that the plan this year is to “have these older pieces of content, which are evergreens, to be resurfaced via social media.”

What other creative NYFW-related partnerships, content strategies and campaigns have you seen popping up? Share with us @prcouture on Twitter!

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