How Planoly, Everlane & Of a Kind Are Winning the Content Marketing Game


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Whether you love your current content marketing strategy or feel like it could use a few tweaks, there’s always room to learn from some of the best in the business.

To give you some inspiration for your content marketing endeavors, here are three examples of fashion and lifestyle companies who have utilized content to create strong brands.

Planoly – an audience’s favorite resource

One look at the blog content that Planoly produces, and it’s obvious that the Instagram planning app understands their audience to a T. Planoly regularly publishes content that revolves around marketing, content creation, and social media in the form of how-tos, best practices, and even interviews with those who work in the digital space. As a lifestyle tech brand, Planoly understands the need to position themselves at the intersection of the two industries, which is why their content is heavily focused on providing useful information that serves the audience most likely to use the app.

The key to implementing a content marketing strategy like Planoly’s is to understand your audience. Consider what your customer’s lifestyle is like and how your company or product can add value in some way. Do you have a sustainable fashion brand? Try focusing your content on the broader topic of sustainability and how to apply more thoughtful and sustainable practices to a daily routine. Creating content that serves your audience in this way will not only position your brand as a resource, but also further drive home your overall mission. 

OF A KIND – focused on storytelling

There’s a lot to love about Of a Kind. The fashion ecommerce brand showcases limited edition products from emerging designers in fashion, jewelry, and home goods–and uses content to amplify this notion in every way possible. For starters, while shopping the website, you can click on any of the listed designer’s names and you’ll be directed to a “Meet the Designer” page where you can learn more about their story and read additional blog content on the site about that designer. The editorial-like features create an experience that goes beyond just shopping. Of a Kind stays true to their mission of showcasing emerging designers by providing a glimpse into each of these designer’s personal stories and how it relates to the products they make.

Take a page from the Of a Kind playbook and put storytelling at the forefront of everything you do. People are drawn to stories–they add a human element to a brand and tie everything together in a way that makes sense. You can add more storytelling to your content by including a personal note at the beginning of your weekly newsletters or by creating blog posts that build a story around your products. Just remember to keep it authentic and true to your brand. 

EverlanE - clear and consistent messaging

As a company that’s dedicated to “Radical Transparency,” it’s no secret that Everlane produces authentic content across all of its channels. The brand’s mission and messaging is clear and appealing, whether it’s through an Instagram story, a call to action in an email, or in their product copy.

Everlane’s ethical and sustainable practices were especially apparent during their launch of ReNew, a collection of outerwear made from 3 million plastic water bottles renewed. Leading up to the launch, there were email campaigns explaining the need for the collection, how it was made, and the company’s commitment to eliminating plastic waste in their production. They even created a guide with everyday tips for reducing plastic waste. Through all of this content, the messaging around the products was clear, and so was their overall mission.

If your company has a new product or service launch coming up, it’s important to keep the campaign messaging consistent and to the point. Just like Everlane’s ReNew campaign, your main message should be easy to understand. Think about what you want the biggest takeaway to be and then apply that to every form of messaging, whether it’s an in-depth blog post or a snappy Instagram caption.

The reason these companies have succeeded with their content marketing strategies is because they know their audience, are consistent with their messaging across all channels, and are invested in building their brands for the long term. When done right, content marketing can be a valuable brand-building tool that amplifies your company’s mission and positions your brand as a resource for the right audience.

Sam Lauron

Sam Lauron

Sam Lauron is a writer and content marketer based in Austin, TX. Whether she’s conducting interviews with creative entrepreneurs or crafting engaging content for lifestyle brands, storytelling is at the heart of everything she does. When she’s not writing, you can find her with a book (usually nonfiction) in one hand and a coffee (usually black) in the other. Connect with her on Instagram @samlauron_.