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Brand storytelling through video is such a powerful tactic – both in terms of the questions it raises for those behind its creation – and then as a marketing tool to clearly outline a mission, sensibility or mood. However, it can be a bit nerve-wracking for fashion brands to turn the spotlight inward, and create a signature about us, or mission-based video. And, having recently reviewed a ton of video footage of myself, I can attest to the fact that the process of editing  (ie listening to yourself over and over,) can be even more difficult!

The mom-and-daughter duo behind StyleLikeU are incredible storytellers – taking us into the lives and closets of artists, executives, DJ’s, actresses, song-writers and even the occasional lawyer on a weekly basis. The SLU team has a knack for striking a tone that is both emotional and inspiring, with plenty of space for their subject to express their style essence. But, Elisa and Lily had yet to turn the camera’s on themselves. Their latest piece gets to the heart of the site’s intention, purpose and point of view, while providing raw insight into each women’s relationship to fashion, style and the unique people they spend time for their closet series. I love that the piece not only allows Elisa and Lily to share the StyleLikeU mission, but that they integrated existing and new footage from, as they call them, the”SLU Family,” to create a rich, diverse piece.

I’ve been lucky enough to support Elisa and Lily on their social media strategy, and so wanted to share not only a teaser of the new video, but check in with Lily about the process of turning the camera around to creating something of personal value and professional use.

Be sure to watch the full-length (well 6 minutes) video on StyleLikeU and share it with hashtag #areUbeingU

What about right now made it the right time to create this video?

After three+ years of interviewing hundreds of other people, we realized that in order to take our idea to a bigger place, it was time to be more explicit as to what our intentions are with StyleLikeU. In addition, we feel that what is missing from the site is our personal voice, story and what drives us to make these profound connections with our subjects.

What was the creation process?

First, our executive editor, Ramona, and our marketing intern, William, interviewed us for a few hours about our story, our passions, our frustrations, what it is like to work as a mother / daughter team, etc. Then, we gathered and amalgamated footage/magical moments from the hundreds of interviews that we’ve conducted to create the visuals that paint a story over our interview. We also went through old family photos in order to depict my mom’s deep history in the industry (and in my opinion, her killer style), as well as to further illustrate our relationship. Lastly, we gathered some of the closest members of our “SLU family” (people who we have interviewed since the beginning that have been a deep support to us over the years) to share what StyleLikeU means to them. Then, we just edited and edited for months!

What are you hoping this video will provide to those who watch it? What was the experience like making it and now watching it?

We are hoping to spread our message– that fashion doesn’t have to be oppressive, exclusive, or demoralizing, and that there can be great joy and liberation in finding one’s self through self expression through style- to a larger group of people! Making it was really cathartic and relieving, because there is so much love and passion behind StyleLikeU that we have yet to fully express to our audience, and now they can get a taste of it!

What are 3 tips you can offer a fashion brand/business about  video?

Be open, honest and real. Genuinely believe in what you’re doing and that you can be your own ambassador for change. Also, have a smart person interviewing you and good video editors!

Now that you have the video, how do you plan to use it as part of your marketing strategy?

Our hope is that this video will be a tool for people to gain a better understanding of our message. We hope that by getting the video in front of as many people as possible, it will be one crucial step in the larger cultural change we hope to see come to fruition.

Thanks Lily!

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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