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The indie fashion PR component to top fashion PR blog PR Couture, Show Me The Pretty is a two part series that features 5-question interviews with hand-selected indie fashion labels. PR Couture shares the pretty and then, in part two, turns it back to the designers to ask questions and get advice and feedback about their own fashion PR strategy from a variety of industry experts. Sound like fun? Email info[at] for more information.

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When I look at the Hopeless Lingerie collection, all that comes out of my mouth is drool and a whimper. Seriously, I have been coveting designer Gabrielle Adamidis’ silk skivvies on Etsy for eons. Her original collection of pale pink, fuchsia, black and red as well as simply gorgeous images had me hooked, and her latest nautical inspired designs with the same vintage styling, well blew me out of the water! Haha, apparently I talk in puns when I am really excited!

All items are made to order and involve an intricate amount of detail in the finishing and hand sewing. As Gaby says, “These are most definitely not for everyday wear, but for special occasions, or just when you feel like being a little dreamy.” If there was ever an excuse for making up a fabulous occasion to warrant a splurge, her pieces are it. Ok, enough drool, let’s get to the questions!

What is your background and what inspired you to start Hopeless?

I have been sewing my own clothes since I was in high school, and have always been surrounded by creative family members. After high school I studied Art History and Film for a few years, before completing a Diploma in Clothing that covered everything from garment construction to pattern making. After that course I knew I wanted to have my own business, and the dream for Hopeless really came to me in a flash late one night. It was like a vision, I knew exactly what the business would be, how it would look, all the values and goals and the big picture was very clear. So then I went about making it happen – spending almost a year drafting a business plan and researching the industry. Doing all this background work really helped me to create something truly special.

What about designing lingerie appeals to you?

I like working with details and small things, so a detailed bra or knickers is much more appealing to me than a dress or jacket purely from a size perspective. Other than that I think its very fun and exciting, and also while there are a million people out there launching their own clothing brands there are significantly less doing lingerie. I also love everything vintage and retro and have always loved vintage lingerie. I really like translating some of those old world values into more modern pieces.

Fashion PR Tips for Lingerie Lines

I love that your items all come with a bit of caution “This is most definitely not for everyday wear, but for special occasions, or just when you feel like being a little dreamy.” What are the key ingredients for your perfect dreamy day?

Waking up early and going out for breakfast with my boyfriend, then perhaps for a walk around the park or bicycle ride. In a 1950s style circle skirt of course. Maybe there could be a visit to the zoo or art gallery. Then snuggling on the couch with a bottle of wine and a great movie. If there is no boy around then frilly knickers are perfect for a date with a good book in your favourite quiet place, writing letters or making a mundane task such as house work slightly more fun.

How have your collections evolved? What stays the same?

My pattern making and construction has come leaps and bounds since I started. I am learning everyday better and more economical ways to do things. The spirit has I think stayed the same. Its all very girly and romantic, a little bit silly but always fun. Somewhat impractical but very luxurious.

What has been the most challenging thing about starting your own line? The most surprising?

The amount of time I have to dedicate to the business is very demanding. I work from home so am constantly surrounded by my work, and it is hard to give myself a break and step away from everything. But because I love it so much it doesn’t always seem like work. I do need to remember to take care of myself though, as I am a little afraid of burning the candle at both ends. The most surprising has been the amount of people that know about the business, and hearing second and third hand information from people who have been speaking to people about Hopeless. I forget sometimes how far the internet actually goes!

Stay tuned next week for fashion PR advice for indie lingerie label Hopeless!

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