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Summer is officially in full-swing! Here are 10 pitch ideas + social media angles to keep you inspired so you can spend less time hovering over your desk and more time celebrating the longest days of the year (National Rosé Day, anyone?).

1. Parent’s Day (June 1)- Parent’s day brings the perfect opportunity to pitch self-care products or resort getaways for those in need of a little R&R.

2. National Donut Day (First Friday)- Use this fun holiday as an opportunity to boost office moods and create some content for your agency social (not that we’ve ever needed an excuse for a Krispy Kreme break before.)

3. World Environment Day (June 5)- The “Clean Beauty” trend shows no signs of slowing down- and for good reason. Pitch all your favorite summer beauty products that are as good for the environment as they are for skin.

4. Global Running Day (June 7)- Grab your office girl gang + get active to celebrate this summer holiday- and don’t forget to take pics beforehand to serve as a little #fitspo on your company IG. 

5. National Best Friend’s Day (June 8)- Pitch all your favorite client brands as the perfect gift last-minute gift for BFFs who deserve more than an embarrassing photo posted to social. Beauty, fashion, hospitality- everything is fair game here!

6. National Rosé Day (June 8)- BFF day AND rosé day all in the same 24hrs? Bring it on. Pitch all of your hospitality/restaurant clients as the perfect spot to enjoy a glass (or three), and pitch your favorite fashion clients as items that can go office-to-happy hour.

7. Father’s Day (third Sunday)- Menswear clients? Active lifestyle brands? Pitch any and everything you can as gifts to celebrate father’s (and single mothers!) on this holiday.

8. National Selfie Day (June 21)- Use this unconventional holiday as the perfect excuse to generate UGC for your clients by having followers post a selfie wearing/using their fav product (pro tip: turn this into a fun giveaway to increase participation on social).

9. Pride Month- LGBTQ+ Pride month allows us to give some well-deserved attention to brands with LGBTQ+ owners, as well as brands that champion inclusivity and acceptance.

10. Summer Solstice (June 21)- It’s the official start of everyone’s favorite season and the perfect excuse to pitch hero beauty and clothing lines that can withstand summer heat and last through the longest day of the year.

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    Faith Dye

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