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Steal our words and strategy to secure more PR opportunities

This collection includes our best-selling PR guide “Pitch Perfect,” and two of of our most popular pitch bundles featuring easy email scripts you can copy, paste and personalize. Total value: $137

You get 3 PDF files delivered to your inbox

Pitch Perfect ($57 value)

  • How to create a PR plan, identify a target audience and create media-friendly key messages
  • The breakdown on who to pitch, when and how to easily find those hard-to-get email addresses for free
  • What you’ll need as far as press materials and the real deal about press releases
  • How to become an editor BFF– so indispensable that editors come to you for help for a change!
  • Sample email pitches for editors and influencers, including how to handle free product requests
  • Your press coverage is just the beginning – learn what to do after you have that media hit in hand for maximum brand value
  • Plus a bonus bundle of additional resources: Eight of our best media outreach articles to help you navigate desk sides, gifting suites and influencer/press trips – all on one handy spot
What to say to work with influencers

Influencer Outreach Bundle ($45 value)

The following 5 email scripts/templates:

  • Let’s work together: A general invitation to use to begin a new relationship with an influencer
  • Great, let’s get started: Once an influencer is on board, detail out the specifics of the collaboration and next steps
  • Event Attendance: This script makes it easy to get influencer RSVPs for your brand event
  • Checking in: A polite follow-up/nudge nudge for outstanding deliverables or pending work
  • Update request: A post-engagement thank you with room to make any requested tweaks or changes

Plus the following campaign elements:

  • Sample Influencer Agreement/Contract: Get it in writing and get it signed. This contract will give you a sense of what you need to include in your influencer marketing partnerships 
  • Checklist for a Project or Creative Brief: Take a page out of the ad agency playbook and outlining your campaign with a brief

As well as a resource boost:

  • 3 of our most popular articles on Influencer Marketing: Improve Influencer ROI, Influencer Collaborations on a Tiny Budget and Get more ROI from Influencer Content (written by the experts over at Shopping Links

Pitch Templates ($35 value)

You Get the Following 5 Templates

  • Charmed, I’m sure: A no stress missive for first-time outreach that will totally wow your soon-to-be editor BFF 
  • So I’m throwing an event… A fill-in-the-blank for connecting with sponsors for money, donated product or in-kind support
  • Stage left: It’s time to spread that message and book a gig as a professional speaker or panelist for that cool new conference
  • Link in bio: Exactly what to say when reaching out to contribute an article to your dream website
  • #Sponsored: Spell out your influencer collaboration idea so that it’s a full body yes

Simply copy, paste and personalize!