Wish pitching wasn't so confusing, overwhelming and let's face it, intimidating?
Well, prepare to go from stressed to smug because we're giving you our playbook.

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Pitch Perfect: The PR Couture Guide to Press for Fashion + Lifestyle Brands

Secrets to Working with the Media – Revealed!

Ok, that was a fun way to introduce Pitch Perfect, but there are no smoke and mirrors to this handy ebook (though we wouldn’t say no to a fancy velvet cloak!).  

Filled with the expert, down-to-earth advice you’ve come to expect from PR Couture, this 48-page PDF has everything you need to develop a stellar PR plan, find media contact information, write an amazing pitch and so much more.  Originally published in 2012, we just gave this baby a refresh in May, 2019.

Filled with best practices and organized into 10 actionable, easy-to-follow steps, Pitch Perfect covers:

  • How to create a PR plan, identify a target audience and create media-friendly key messages
  • The breakdown on who to pitch, when and how to easily find those hard-to-get email addresses for free
  • What you'll need as far as press materials and the real deal about press releases
  • How to become an editor BFF- so indispensable that editors come to you for help for a change!
  • Sample email pitches for editors and influencers, including how to handle free product requests
  • Your press coverage is just the beginning - learn what to do after you have that media hit in hand for maximum brand value

Plus a bonus bundle of additional resources:

  • Eight of our best media outreach articles to help you navigate desk sides, gifting suites and influencer/press trips - all on one handy spot

Download to your desktop and print or load up on your favorite device.

Ready, set Pitch!