5 Tools to Know to Create a Distinctive PR Portfolio


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Most employers are not only looking for candidates with a wide range of skill sets and a solid understanding of the industry, but also an active social media and online presence as well. Additionally, having a portfolio available online gives prospective employers a better understanding of your experience and expertise. Even if you are just getting started in the industry, you can put together a compelling set of writing samples – when in doubt, just create materials for an imaginary client or your favorite brand to show what you can do.


Transfer Your Portfolio Online

First up, if you’re still lugging around a clip book, it’s time to get everything digitized. Think of it like an online pressroom – but all about you! Save docs as PDFs, create photo collages of event work, scan in newspaper clippings, etc.

If you haven’t already, grab your own domain name, and take advantage of all the various platforms that now make it ultra easy to create a clean, sophisticated and fun layout that speaks to your personal brand. From WordPress to Squarespace or event Weebly, you can modify a template with your own personal touches, no html required. We rely heavily on the WordPress add-on Elementor here at PR Couture for designing beautiful landing pages.

Include Social Media Work

Be sure to include screen grabs of past social media work that you’ve done for clients, professional or personal blogs, websites, or internships. Dunked makes it easy to upload images of your past work as well as embed audio and video from Youtube, SoundCloud, Flickr, etc. Being able to showcase that you know how to operate different social media platforms and communicate with the target audience is a huge plus. Don’t forget to include the analytics of the work you’ve done as well.

Showcase Your Work on LinkedIn

If the idea of a personal website just isn’t in the cards for you right now, build out your Linkedin. The platform offers a “professional portfolio” feature that allows you to showcase presentations, blog posts, videos and any other relevant work that you took part in or created at any previous job or internship. This way when your employer takes a look at your LinkedIn profile, he or she can not only read about what you have done but can also see your work directly on your LinkedIn profile.

SlideShare is also integrated with LinkedIn. Upload the presentation deck from your last sponsorship outreach or keynote speech. If you have a powerful presentation on hand frnd allows users to display their work as a PowerPoint on their


Letters of Recommendation, Testimonials and Awards

While a bit old school, having a letter of recommendation at the ready, or simply including testimonials  as part of your portfolio can go far in establishing that third-party credibility we are all seeking. Demonstrating involvement in relevant clubs or professional organizations can also be a great way to add additional content to your portfolio. And of course, if you’ve won any PR industry awards, or press mentions, these are great to include as well.

Make it a habit to keep your online portfolio updated with press hits, contributed articles and volunteer activities to ensure that an online search for your name reveals more fodder to speak to your greatness.


Maria Soubbotina

Maria Soubbotina

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