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The holiday season is upon us and with it, the crazy busy hustle toward holiday vacation. To kick off our 2016 holiday gift guides, we asked a few of our favorite partners and brands to participate in our first ever Partner Gift Guide. We are thrilled to bring you their picks for a quick and easy approach to gifting this season (make sure to read through the captions as there are several special discount codes just for us!).

Sugarwish Candy Delivery

Possibly the absolute best last-minute gift for clients, co-workers and editor friends, Sugarwish will email your recipient an invitation to put together their very own box of sweet or healthy treats. Plus, the packaging is PR Girl perfect!

Use code PRCOUTURE to get 10% off your order.

Pictured: The Duet, $16.50, available at Sugarwish

Online Education from Parsons x Teen Vogue

For your favorite intern, mentee (or your own edification), choose a Certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials. Learn about the fashion industry from Parsons faculty and Teen Vogue experts.

$125 on tuition until 12/31/17 with code PRCPTV

Enroll here

Wanderlusters Love Jelt

Never having to take off your belt through airport security is reason enough to gift your fellow globe-trotting PR professionals with a Jelt Belt for the holidays. The fact that they are made of 100% recycled water bottles is just a bonus talking point when passing through the airport bar.

Glacier White-Silver Belt, $34.95, available at Jelt Belt

A mini hug for your skin

The perfect gift to cap off a busy holiday season, send a supportive squeeze to your fellow hustlers with this trial-sized collection of 100% organic and chemical-free products formulated by skin expert Dr Mariano Spiezia.

Christmas Collection, $39, available at Hug your Skin

Pinky Up, PR Girl

After a hectic day at work, hard-working boss babes need a sweet treat to help them unwind! Put down the office cookies and gift your office besties with a steaming mug of calorie-free indulgence. Earl Gray Macaroon anyone?

Save 20% with code PINKYUPCOUTURE

Assorted Teas, $11.99, Blair Floral Glass Travel Infuser Mug, $27.99, available at Pinky Up Tea

Intentional Adornment from Rocking Vibe

For a spurge, gift a truly remarkable necklace that come with a side of spirit and style, like this jade bullet designed to “guide your adventurous soul on your quest to living your truth.”

Artemis necklace, $150, available at Rocking Vibe

Lavender love from Wonderland Organics

We’ve got a new beauty discovery for to share! The perfect stocking stuffer, this surprisingly affordable facial oil is made from all organic ingredients and formulated with lavender aromatherapy for sweet slumber (or just general chill).

Soothe Serum Facial Oil, $39.99, available at Wonderland Organics

Reset with Raw Generation

When faced with one too many champagne hangovers, your solution is The Skinny Start program. 100% raw cold pressed juice and crave-killing raw foods will help you meet your 2017 wellness goals, no squats required.

Skinny Start, $299.99, available at Raw Generation

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Use code PR Couture to get 10% off at SugarWish

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Artemis necklace, $150, Rocking Vibe

Frequent Flyer

Jelt Belt PR Couture Partner Gift Guide

Glacier White-Silver Belt, $34.95,  Jelt Belt


Teen Vogue/Parsons PR Couture Partner Gift Guide
Use code PRCPTV to save $125 through 12/31 Parsons School of Design x Teen Vogue Certificate


Wonderland Organics PR Couture Partner Gift Guide

Soothe Serum, $39.99, Wonderland Organics

Soul Cycler

Raw Generation Skinny Girl Start Program

Skinny Start 3 day program, $299.99, Raw Generation 

Forever Young

Hug Your Skin Indulgence Christmas Collection

Indulgence Christmas Collection, $39, Hug Your Skin

Office Treat

Pinky Up Tea PR Couture Partner Gift Guide

Use code PINKYUPCOUTURE to save 20% at Pinky Up Tea