PR Flies White Flag – Press Releases Now Linked With Technorati – Social Media Wins!


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Looks like PR is starting to take this whole social media thing seriously – and by seriously I mean do something other than freak out about the ability of bloggers to slam a client (and charge interested parties several hundred dollars for “experts” to hand-hold through the basics of social media). PR is finally coming around to utilizing social media technology to better track the conversations that will no doubt emerge as we find out, for example, that even Britney’s stylist wants nothing to do with her. (Oh shoot, looks like I deleted that email.)

According to the release “This week PR Newswire signed an agreement with blog search engine Technorati that provides real-time social media link tracking for all of their press releases.” Not only does this agreement allow PR professionals to stay in the real-time online loop, but it allows anyone to follow the thread. Hopefully, this will help to break down important barriers between PR and Bloggers – like access to information, and better implement the all-hailed two-way communication.

Of course, PR has been following client mentions through Technorati, Google Alerts and the like, but this partnership sends a strong message that PR recognizes the true influence of social media and is ready to make deals.

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Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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