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The digital space today is more cluttered than ever before. With the widespread use of multiple social media platforms, most brands now participate in online conversations with where they build meaningful relationships with influencers and experts in the field through PR gifting. All this competition can make it easy for your brand to get lost in the mix.

Here are 5 unique spins your brand can put on PR gifting to maximize impact and prolong results:

1. Personalize Your Message

It can be tempting to try to reach as many influencers as possible by sending out large numbers of packages. However, it’s important to keep in mind that personalized messages are much more meaningful and effective in the long run. Something as simple as a handwritten note will go a long way. It shows that you went that extra step and did the additional research to cater to an individual’s preferences.

2. Use Thoughtful Packaging

The purpose of PR gifting is to gain brand exposure through an influencer or celebrity’s lens via their messaging and presentation of your brand or product. This means every part of the package counts. In a visual sense, packaging should be organized, appealing and ready-to-photograph. Packaging should align with brand values. For example, a brand that promotes clean beauty or responsible production should never encourage excess waste (less is more!) or include environmentally harmful packaging.

3. Include an Interactive Element

Think outside of the box (pun intended). Product presentation and delivery doesn’t have to be boring or static. Include interactive elements like branded confetti poppers or something of the like to increase opportunities for selfies. A genuinely interesting “unboxing” experience allows gift-receivers to promote your product in a fun and natural way.

4. Create Memorable Experiences

Millennials have a reputation for spending money on experiences rather than objects. Take advantage of this by organizing meaningful activities that are relevant and supportive of your brand image. For example, an environmentally-responsible swimwear brand may emphasize their commitment to the ocean by organizing a beach cleanup followed by a picnic for influencers and celebrities who are interested in the cause to connect with each other. Relevant events are a win-win that embrace brand values in addition to focusing on product sales. 

5. Build Long-Term Commitments

In the business of PR gifting, it’s important to stress quality in addition to quantity when it comes to partnerships. An effective method of ensuring quality would be partnering with influencers or celebrities who perfectly align with your brand over a long time period. Repeated partnerships prove to be more credible and authentic. This way, individuals have more time to test out the products they’ve received. Additionally, brands have a chance to become a relevant part of the influencers’ routine including participating in Mother’s Day gifting, birthday celebrations and new launches.

PR Gifting continually proves to be an effective way of getting products in front of relevant parties and audiences. Follow these five unique tips on PR gifting to ensure that your brand dominates in the field of influencer marketing.

Belle Zhang

Belle Zhang

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