PR Girl 101 Course PRISM Winter Registration Now Open

For the third and final time this year, I’m signing on as mentor, instructor and general life cheerleader for a small group of driven, ambitious future boss babes looking for more information, more support and more community as they develop their careers in public relations. We start Nov. 3.

Women who have taken PRISM have gone on to land dream jobs working in-house and agency-side in fashion and consumer PR and marketing, while freelance publicists have retained paying celebrity clients and reignited their love of the industry. I can’t take all the credit, of course, but it’s amazing what committing to your career in this way can do to open up possibilities and next-level opportunities.

Before taking PRISM, I was very confused and burned out. I didn’t know what my place was in the industry. Now I feel empowered and I have strong sense of my purpose within PR. I’d recommend PRISM to anyone looking to re-kindle your love in the industry. The assignments helped me to reflect on my career, resulting in a better understanding of where I need to go from here on out, which included a career shift.

Daniele Owens, ‎Assistant, Branding + Digital at APA, New York City

I can’t wait to kick off the winter session with my next batch of Prismadonnas. The course includes a ton of stuff, all delivered virtually, with materials being yours to keep forever. I know this is a crazy time of year, so rest easy. You can always go back to review assignments, listen to the audio content and revise/review when you’ve got the time, chica.

So, what’s on the docket?

  • Developing your personal brand for more effective communication, more job interviews and more clients
  • My signature pitch process that you can easily implement when writing cover letters, pitch emails and more, to increase the odds of gaining editor attention
  • A few of my favorite and most valuable processes for charting a career course based on your personal vision, intuition and natural gifts to keep you clear, focused and confident in your decision-making
  • A special, end of course virtual pajama party, where we’ll hang out with our faces, celebrate and indulge in a no-holds barred advice and coaching session. Plus BYO-snacks.


The course runs for 6 weeks and includes access to our PRISM Alumni Network, where more than 50 former course participants are regularly connecting with one another to share job opportunities, articles and offer support and advice.

If this sounds like fun, head over to the PRISM page on PR Couture and read more about what I’ve prepared for you, sweet cheeks.

PS: This is the last time I’m going to run this exact course in this exact way at this price. Times are a changin’ – so if you’ve been thinking about signing up, please do! Think of it as your first self-gifted holiday present!

PPS: If the course isn’t a fit for you, but you know a great intern or entry-level candidate, I’d be so honored if you’d let them know about PRISM by sharing this blog post. I do my very best to ensure course grads are the type of gals you love to hire and work with.