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  • Ambition was just the beginning, now you’re taking action (no more overthinking - you’re moving forward)
  • From interviews to Instagram, you’re telling the world who you are and what you can do (and it’s working - everyone wants you on their team)
  • You’ve got the poise and confidence of someone with heaps more experience (goodbye insecurity - you’re not even faking it)

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  • Walk the walk, talk the talk

    Learn how to speak like an industry “It Girl” (and impress the designer pants off of anyone you meet!)

  • Get noticed, get hired

    How to develop a radiant personal brand that puts you on everyone’s shortlist (so you can make that $$$ honey)

  • Stay focused, stay driven

    Success is a MENTAL game, learn 3 strategies to bust through limiting beliefs, boost your confidence and empower you to build the career of your dreams (this is haute stuff!)

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Ready for #PRGirl Prep?

Join for $57

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Hi, my name is Crosby and I’m the founder of PR Couture.

I’ve worked in-house, freelance, and agency-side for fashion, accessories, lifestyle and consumer brands; I went from being an assistant account coordinator (one teeny step above an intern) to creating and leading an award-winning social media department before making PR Couture and a small consulting practice my full-time business.

I have a pretty good track record of turning job interviews into job offers (I’ve gotten almost every PR job I applied for) and a great instinct when it comes to hiring top talent that are a fit for me and my business (my last assistant stayed with me for five years).

I started PR Couture because I wanted to share what I was learning about fashion PR. And because frankly, I wasn’t getting that warm fuzzy feeling when I tried to connect with publicists for career insight or support. It’s become my mission to ensure that PR Couture readers never feel lost or without expert-level advice.

This mini-course is just one of the ways I’m stepping up to provide you with the information you need to succeed in your career.

Landing your dream job doesn’t have to be so hard. Let me help!