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A few of our popular articles

What's Your Managerial Style?​

Written by Michelle Lasky

In the PR world, no two managers are the same. Some lead with an iron fist, others go the gentler route, and most fall somewhere in between. After 35 years leading PR teams, I can tell you with certainty the only right style of management is the style that works for you.

The good news is that yes, you can absolutely do that. However, there are heaps of other jobs out there that align wonderfully with your PR training.

5 Things To Do Before Leaving Your Job For Something New​

Written by Brittany Lamp

A Linkedin study reports that millennials will change jobs about four times before turning 32, so a bit of career hopping is in the cards for most of us. Whether you’re leaving on good terms with your former company, or seeking out a healthier work environment, it’s important to treat your exit strategy with as much focus as your job search. After all, you never want to burn a bridge in your haste for something new.

Make sure you complete these five final tasks to ensure your career and reputation head in a positive direction.

What Is A PR Alliance And Why Do You Need One?​

Written by Rebekah Epstein

PR pros (and especially those in the fashion or beauty industries) often get an unfair rap for being catty, rude, and sometimes downright mean. While in a few instances you may encounter someone who came off the set of The Devil Wears Prada, most of the publicists (and editors for that matter) within the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries are lovely, hardworking people just trying to secure some amazing press for clients with their sharp minds and creativity.

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I started PR Couture way back in 2006 as a dedicated place to share insights, connect with and celebrate fellow communication professionals. 

In my world, a strong point of view, powerful intimate relationships and commitment to excellence are a job requirement. It’s my mission to ensure that through PR Couture, our programs, courses and community, you are never without the expert-level advice and next steps needed to excel in your career.

Consider me in your corner as of right now. Reach out anytime.

Crosby Noricks

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