Attn PR Professionals: 5 Time-Saving, Inexpensive Ways Fiverr Will Make Your Job Way Easier


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Fiverr is a platform where people offer to do all sorts of stuff for you, starting at just five dollars. Whether you are a student, publicist, agency owner or brand, there are hundreds of different reasons to make friends with Fiverr. While yes, the quality of the work varies (be sure to check out feedback and ratings before booking), Fiverr has been an incredible help on more than one occasion. I’ve pulled up a few of the most beneficial ways you can begin to use Fiverr to improve your work-day.

1. Install a wordpress blog and theme of your choice for $5

Grab a domain name, pay for hosting, and then use Fiverr to find a developer to install WordPress and any theme you choose for an instant blog. Certain sellers do this as an express gig – which means you can showcase your new blog in 24 hours. Boom. Of course, this doesn’t come with any customization, but if you choose the right theme, you’ll be able to customize colors and add a header quickly.

2. Use a professional voice-over in your next client video for $5

The next time you are putting together a client video, video case-study, social media contest announcement or the like, use Fiverr to find a professional voice-over artist who will record a top-notch audio track you can lay over your video. Go extra posh, and consider hiring a delicious British accent or having a bit of fun with a movie-trailer-style track.

3. Surprise your team with illustrated icons for $5

Even though DKNY PR Girl is out of the closet and has moved on, we still remember how her in-house illustrator created great images of her at work and in the world. Do the same by choosing an illustrator to take company headshots and transform them into illustrationscaricatures, cartoons, even superheroes and fashion models. Use them on your website, to show cohesion during a time of year, like holiday, or a cause you are involved in, like a fundraising campaign.

4. Give your data entry to someone else for $5

I have yet to meet a publicist who enjoys the inevitable data entry that comes with the job. For $5 (and a week to spare) you can essentially outsource three hours of data entry.  Or, if you have the raw data but just need help making it look client-ready, send it on over to have it cleaned up, or the formulas updated in that spreadsheet you hate.

5. Upgrade your content strategy with new creative assets for $5

It’s not enough to simply pitch and wait for coverage, instead content creation and brand journalism is just as important a part of your mix. Make it fun by investing in some different creative applications of your logo. A few favorites are this gig which makes an urban mural of your logo, website or images, Instagram puzzles, and of course, sometimes $5 is totally worth it to get the background removed from an image.

If you are looking for something specific, you can also post a unique gig and sellers will bid to provide that service. In my experience, there is a vast quality discrepancy between sellers, and it doesn’t always work out. I’ve had sellers cancel on me, and sellers who delivered a sub-par product. But then again, I’m only out a few minutes of research and $5. Alternately, when I do get a great gig filled for $5, it’s a great feeling and worth the minimal investment.

Have you tried Fiverr? What do you use it for?

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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