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Once upon a time, many publicists carried two cell phones, personal and business. Now that our phones have become completely ubiquitous, it’s more likely that you have a single device, and struggle with maintaining a clear division between “life life,” and work life. Whether you’re a freelance publicist or a small agency, having a separate business phone line for your clients and the media can be incredibly beneficial. Flyp is a phone app that makes this super easy, giving you the ability to have multiple phone numbers on a single device. 

Flyp Benefits For PR Professionals

Choose a local and NYC area code for pitching: for times when you are responsible for hyperlocal media outreach or events, but aren’t based in the area you’re pitching, Flyp makes it east to get a local number to pitch the media and manage RSVPs. Conversely, if you’re based in a small city, a NYC area code can be a plus when connecting with journalists and editors.

Keep personal and business communication separate. When using it for client calls (full disclosure: I was set up with a free account), it was great to see client calls centralized and separated from my personal ones – and I know this will be even more beneficial when I travel.

If you work with multiple consultants or have individual reps stationed across the country, Flyp is an easy way to set up phone numbers for your satellite offices.

If you’re still using an office landline, a switch to Flyp ensures you can take phone numbers wherever you go, which is perfect for agencies experiencing rapid growth. 

When using it for client calls (full disclosure: I was set up with a free account), it was great to see client calls centralized and separated from my personal ones…

Flyp allows you to keep your personal phone number private. You just swipe the notification on your screen, unlock your phone and tap “Answer” to take the call. It then will switch over to look like you’re making a call (where it’s connecting to Flyp’s network) to keep your number private.

Streamlining Business Communication. Flyp let’s you keep all of your work calls, voicemails and texts lived in one centralized place.  Easily import all of your phone contacts or add new  ones and all of your calls, voicemails, etc. then will live in the Conversations section.

Your first number is free, which is pretty amazing. For $30 yearly, you can get an additional number; that’s significantly less expensive than a regular phone hard-wire bill! Flyp this makes me think long and hard about getting rid of our hard-wired phone line.

Much of what helps us succeed as publicists are tools like Flyp that provide easy solutions to streamline everyday work. Having the ability to remain connected to “the office” at all times is our piece of mind & our kryptonite. At Moderne, we all took the plunge and downloaded Flyp, and our work lives were forever changed.


Connie Wong

Connie Wong

Connie Wong is the Founder/President of Moderne Press, a public relations agency that specializes in working with boutique brands in the fashion accessories, home décor and lifestyle space. Launched in 2008, Moderne Press was created with the desire to work hand in hand with boutique brands, providing personalized and dedicated service. Connie has experience in public relations and marketing, working with numerous markets from fashion accessories to home décor brands. In the past, she has secured coverage in a variety of media including Allure, Apartment Therapy, Better Homes & Gardens, DailyCandy, Elle, Elle Décor, Food & Wine, House Beautiful, InStyle, Glamour, Lucky, Martha Stewart Living, New York Times, People Style Watch, Real Simple, Refinery29, SELF, Seventeen, The Knot and many more.