BLNDS Have More Fun with Trello

It’s easy to get lost in the endless amount of work that is constantly circulating on our desk and through our emails. The only way to truly streamline any process is to have an all-encompassing program that allows everyone to work collaboratively, discuss tasks freely within project boards, stay on task with tools and checklists. And like any pro-organizer knows…with color coding, comes great responsibility.

There are plenty of programs like WunderList, Slack, Asana — but nothing compares to the ease and tools Trello provides to help out PR agency stay on track. Trello allows our entire team to finally check things off that never-ending to-do list and work in unison to successfully complete every goal. Each task we can complete efficiently as individuals, and together as a team, will only further realize our client’s goals into successful campaigns.

Here are a few ways that our office uses Trello as our go-to management tool:

1. We use Trello to streamline the pitch process

With a hearty roster of clients and multiple pitches being drafted, pitched and followed up on constantly, Trello has become our way to easily plan and track our pitches for every client. One tool we love? Labels! Trello has labels that can be used to color code each card. This is a visual and easy way for us to see what stage a pitch is in. Green means it’s approved by the team to be pitched, while red indicates that a pitch still needs more edits before being sent. We can also add deadlines to each pitch to ensure they are distributed on time.

2. We use Trello to organize content calendars

Creating valuable content is at the core of creating loyal and consistent viewership, and we work hard to ensure our PR agency blog is something we are excited about. Transferring our content calendar to Trello has allowed us to plan and easily move blog content from list to list as it progresses through the editorial process. As the team lead, I am able to easily track each topic from the early stages of research to writing and editing, and lastly publishing and promotion. Everyone on our team can see a visual overview of our content timeline, which leads to an effective publishing process. 

3. We use Trello for social media planning

While apps such as Mosaico and Planoly are becoming more and more prevalent, we utilize Trello as our go-to tool for planning client Instagram accounts. Why? Trello allows for multiple collaborators to be working on a single board, enabling the entire social media team to have eyes on everything from the caption to the overall cohesion of the feed. We organize our boards by week; if there is a post that we don’t think fits where it is now, Trello allows us to easily move it to another day or week.

For any business to succeed, communication is key! Especially during times of growth, it’s important for everyone on the team to be on the same page, organized, and updated on what is happening for each client. For BLND PR, Trello is that tool.

Now over to you: What’s your favorite feature of the project management tool you use? Share with us @BLNDPR and @prcouture.

Bryanne Lawless

Bryanne Lawless

Bryanne Lawless is the Managing Partner at BLND Public Relations. The agency offers a unique blend services that make great brands even better. These services include content creation, event planning and management, web design and marketing. Bryanne has experience in social media, traditional PR, marketing and branding, the millennial mindset, and creating a great work culture.