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An Intimate Business Mastermind + Marketing Program for Agency Owners
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what is the PRCC?

The PR Couture Council (PRCC) is a small-business annual mastermind and supplemental marketing program for boutique agency owners and solo practitioners.

The PRCC provides a warm, supportive professional community, expert and peer guidance, strategy and accountability as well member and agency promotion across PR Couture platforms.

We believe in community over competition, prioritizing and cultivating meaningful industry relationships, growing as leaders and evolving our approach and skills to better serve our clients, teams and partners. By exploring the challenges and opportunities present in fast-changing field together, we care, we show up, we do the work. And we thrive.

I do not advertise on the internet at all except for with PR Couture – it’s the only hub where I am confident than anything our brand name is next to would be something we would want to be aligned with.
Publicist Q&A: Getting to Know Janna Meyerowitz Turnner, Founder of Style House PR
Janna Meyrowitz-Turner
CEO, Style House

I started PR Couture because I wanted to share what I was learning about PR. And because frankly, I wasn’t getting that warm fuzzy feeling when I tried to connect with publicists for career insight or support.

Over the years I worked in-house, freelance, and agency-side; eventually moving into digital marketing and creating an award-winning social media department before making PR Couture and a small consulting and coaching practice my full-time business. Recently I’ve added university professor and mom to that list – so I know firsthand the juggle and struggle of keeping it all together.

What I’ve come to learn is that entrepreneurship is basically a crash course in personal development, and it’s impossible to make it through on living on an island in your own mind. In fact, if given a do-over card, I’d use it to ask for help, sooner.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the personal investments I’ve made in experts and coaches who helped me rise to each occasion. Running a business requires us to be relentlessly brave, compassionate and willing to believe in ourselves, over and over again. It’s having gratitude for the wins, and a deep resiliency to do the work anyway, when you’d really rather not. It’s leadership.

I’m honored to extend the PR Couture platform to you as you build your own empire, thrilled to connect you to others who can support you on your path, and wildly optimistic about the magic we can create together.

Welcome to the PRCC!

Crosby Noricks
Founder, PR Couture

I love having access to like-minded PR pros from all over the country through the PRCC. I developed a few meaningful relationships which has been very beneficial, I even ended up starting a side businsess venture with a fellow member!
Liz Anthony
Founder, Mariposa Communications


We tackle the dream trio:

more profit

More money in the banks starts with clear positioning, consistent agency marketing, fierce confidence in what you’re offering and a kick-ass sales strategy. We’ll work on all of it, including exploring new service and revenue opportunities to usher in a new phase of business where you’re positively thriving. 

more ease

Expert instruction and peer support on key areas of running a successful agency, with plenty of personalization to help you experience more ease and flow running the business YOU want to run (rather than it running you ragged).

more time

With structured group coaching calls and regular accountability sprint sessions, you’ll stop swirling in overwhelm and reap the instant benefits of moving through challenges and taking results-driving action. Expect find more time on your calendar and more room in your brain to come up with your next brilliant idea.

Business Mastermind Components

To keep everyone on track, clear and motivated, members enjoy access to regular expert trainings, group mastermind calls and accountability work sessions, as well as one-on-one strategy sessions. 

Agency Marketing Components

The PR Couture platform, including our job board, library of resources, courses and social media channels are put into play to help drive awareness and interest in your agency. 

A comprehensive list of full benefits will be provided after submitting your application.

elevate the conversation

We see our platform as shared space, and invite PRCC partners to advise on growth opportunities, provide program feedback and share strategic insight and resources.

Let’s fuel the industry forward, together.

PR Couture attracts designers and business owners looking for a PR agency, PR students, and other fashion/lifestyle publicists- a sort of chic PR clubhouse! I look forward to being a part of all of it for years to come.
Ruby Press
Melissa Davis
CEO, Ruby Press

We're looking for a few good agencies

Seats for our Mastermind are closed until June, however our marketing program has rolling admissions. Regardless, if you’re interested, please apply and we will be in touch to schedule a call and explore the best option for you! 

We’ll review your application and get in touch with next steps within 2 business days.