The PR Couture council

Standard Benefits: A Peer Support + Supplemental Marketing Program for Agency Owners

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2019 PR Couture Council - Standard Program

All benefits included:

Business Strategy, Support

Agency Promotion, Team Growth + Training, Thought Leadership

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It’s amazing what shows up when we show up for ourselves and each other. If the PRCC is a fit for you in 2019 we cannot wait to dive in, get to know you better and stand in your corner.  

PRCC Policies / Community Rules

We ask PRCC members to uphold the PRSA Code of Ethics and to hold confidential any information shared between members unless explicitly given permission otherwise. Any indication of attempting to pitch member clients, poach employees or otherwise engage in shady behavior will result in instant removal from the group and any outstanding invoices paid in full within 14 business days. There is enough of this happening in our industry and it WILL NOT happen here.

PRCC benefits offer a foundation from which to promote your agency, share thought leadership and benefit from a supportive, like-minded community cheering for your success. Like anything however, you get what you put into it, and your investment results are largely driven by how you actively you take full advantage of the various program components.

The magic that happens in a group setting can only spark with committed hearts and minds show up consistently and will full presence. Our group calls are an opportunity for you to show up, get support and share your knowledge and insights. We need you, yes you, to hold PRCC meetings as sacred on your calendar. These are non-negotiable (and trust you need this requirement to help you achieve your personal and professional goals). You are allowed to miss 2 group coaching and 2 accountability calls and that’s it. Make the commitment, show up, and reap the benefits of making the space for all of us here in this space with you.

PRCC now the only way by which PR Couture will promote agencies through our our directory. We commit to ONLY recommending PRCC members for potential work and client opportunities, assuming the expertise required exists within the community. You will always be given the prospective client information and be in charge of following up directly on the opportunity. PRCC Mavens will receive 24-hour priority notice on all opportunities. Requests for referrals are random and we cannot speculate on how many of these may come through to you during the duration of the program.

PRCC is an annual program of mutual investment of time and resources. There are no cancellations or refunds. Should there be evidence of extreme financial hardship, alternative payment structures may be considered on a case-by-case basis, but you will still be responsible for the total cost of the program.

We encourage members to explore ways to diversify income streams. If you are considering launching a program, service, course or online platform that is similar to how PR Couture monetizes our business, please reach out first. We appreciate the opportunity to explore how we might collaborate together to leverage the existing PR Couture community for sales opportunities, as well as how we might share our expertise on developing and launching digital and physical products.